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Rigs in the Rockies 2022 National Rally July 7 through 10 Hotchkiss Colorado

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Look forward to seeing all four of you at the rally. It is shaping up to be a good time with a lot of scenic rides to take.



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Thanks, same here. We’re planning to tour a lot of the area while we’re there. Denver, Colorado Springs and other places along the way. Should be a great trip!

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Let me know if you have any questions abut Colorado, I am 4th generation here and there are not many places I am unfamiliar with.



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Welp I'm registered and I finally remembered to renew my USCA membership too.  Bandit comin' in hot eastbound!

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CCjonThane Lewis

Looking forward to seeing you, and everyone of course.

Kent Silk with Texas Sidecars has confirmed he and his crew will be at the rally. They will put on a Sidecar Alignment Tech Session for Rally attendees Saturday Morning.






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Hot off the presses

Time for an update. I am working on a schedule but things are kind of fluid around here as far as road construction goes. CDOT is going to redo hwy 92, the main street through Hotchkiss. They are going to cut down 2 or 3 feet to completely rebuild the road and base. This is starting to happen now and they say they should be done by the end of June.

From CDOT;
Town of Hotchkiss

Reconstruction on Bridge Street and resurfacing for CO 92 Hotchkiss to Crawford begins this month
Public invited to attend open house on Tuesday, May 10
When: Tuesday, May 10 from 4-6 p.m.
Where: Town of Hotchkiss, City Council Chambers, 276 West Main St., Hotchkiss, CO
Please see Town of Hotchkiss website at for the complete CDOT announcement.
DELTA COUNTY- The Colorado Department of Transportation and contractor United Companies are scheduled to begin a resurfacing project on Colorado Highway 92 from Hotchkiss to Crawford, Mile Points 19-31, the week of May 16. The project will reconstruct and resurface the downtown section of highway in Hotchkiss from east of Cedar Drive to west of 4th St. before moving southeast to Crawford with resurfacing on CO 92. Additional project work will include ADA ramp construction in Hotchkiss, guardrail replacement, sign replacement, and striping. Reconstruction work on Bridge Street will have traffic shifted to the northside while working on the southside. Speed limits through the work zone will be 25 mph. Once work is completed on the southside the work zone will shift to the northside. This work is anticipated to take about three weeks to finish. The project team is working to minimize traffic impacts on CO 92 during closures on US Highway 50. Crews will maintain two-way traffic on CO 92 through the end of June. Closures on US 50 between Montrose and Gunnison are anticipated through June, for work on the US 50 Little Blue Creek Canyon project. Resurfacing work for the CO 92 Hotchkiss to Crawford project is scheduled to start in July, once the US 50 closures have wrapped up. Once complete, the project will improve the drivability for motorists on this highly traveled route that is identified as part of the Colorado Scenic Byways program, West Elk Loop. Work is anticipated to be complete by mid September. To learn more about the project and how to get around town and access businesses during reconstruction in Hotchkiss, please join representatives from the project team for an open house:
When: Tuesday, May 10 from 4-6 p.m.
Where: Town of Hotchkiss, City Council Chambers, 276 West Main St., Hotchkiss, CO"

This should not affect the rally at all but may require some adjustments entering the fairgrounds, I will post up maps if necessary. If they have not completed the construction on US50 between Montrose and Gunnison then hwy 92 from Gunnison to Hotchkiss will be open and unaffected, If they have finished the construction between Montrose and Gunnison then hwy 92 construction between the two towns will be starting. This will make the hwy 92 trip something to probably be avoided. I know the roads around here well having dealt with them my whole life so there will just need to be some adjustments made and I will keep current reports on the boards with alternative routes if necessary.

Any questions or concerns please contact me but by all means this will not affect the rally, the show will go on as planned.

Your ever vigilant rally Master,


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1bmwmcCCjonJohn McCann

Sounds like potential off road opportunities for those of us Ural’rs  


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There are plenty of off road trips I have laid out for you Ural folk.

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CCjonJohn McCann

CDOT has put up a website for the construction;

If they are correct the section through Hotchkiss will be done before July 4th. That of course means the section of 92 between Crawford and Hotchkiss will be in full production mode. 92 from Hotchkiss to Gunnison is a great ride but if that was your intended route to the rally then just stay on 50 from Gunnison to Montrose and then to Delta, from Delta take 92 up to Hotchkiss. Nice ride also and not that much difference time wise.

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Thanks Dana, checked it out on google maps, only 27 miles further going Gunnison  - Montrose - Delta - Hotchkiss, rather than Gunnison - Crawford - Hotchkiss. Will be a shorter time wise going via Montrose and Delta if Crawford is clogged up with construction.

Time to get your rally registration in folks, motels rooms are filling up, plenty of tent and RV camping space available so far. 

Had a comment about not finding where to register for the rally...

Here is the link:

Get your registration in today to be assured of getting a rally shirt. Neat cool design on the long sleeve shirt this year. Long sleeve for cool Colorado days.

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Thane Lewis

That link takes you to the Brushfire login page CCJON. This will take you to the rally registration page, click on get tickets:


Thanks for correcting that. 

Registration is on my computer, it must bypass the log in and go straight to where people need to go to register. 

Folks, to get in on the 2022 USCA National Rally in Hotchkiss,  click on the link in DirtyDR's post above.

See you in Colorado in July.




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Thane Lewis

One other note on the registration page, it seems to want a member number even if you check non-member registration. People have just been putting any arbitrary number including single digit and it takes it fine. I have had a few people mention that, not a big deal since it is a non verifiable entry, just be aware of it.



Starting June 1st the price of registration goes up $10.00 and we need to get the shirt order in so if you want a shirt guaranteed you need to get your preregistration for the rally in. We are getting close to 100 for preregistration so if you are on the fence now is the time to jump. If anyone has questions please feel free to contact me. If you are just planning on registering at the rally that is fine but let us know so we can get a good headcount for meals, I need to get them the count a week before the rally. We can also order extra shirts for people if we know they are coming to guarantee you get one. The shirts look really nice by the way, I will let Jan post a picture when he has everything finalized.

 Road repair in town is progressing nicely so I am confident it will be completed before the rally. The construction from Hotchkiss to Crawford will still be ongoing so I am not sure what I am going to do for the Poker run, probably a last minute decision depending on road repair progress.

 The extended weather forecast is looking great, low 90s during the day and high 50s at night. Might be a chance for showers on Friday but they should be light and short lasting if they happen at all.

 I will keep updates current as the rally gets closer, we do not have much time left, it will be here before you know it so get those registrations in.


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Here you go Dana, fresh off the press...    long sleeve this year for those cool Colorado mornings. 


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snookersJohn McCann

Wondering if anyone might be interested in visiting the Hotchkiss fish hatchery. It is a very interesting place, pretty sure all they raise here are Rainbow trout though. I will go by and see if I can arrange a group visit with them if there is any interest. Maybe ride over on Friday morning. If there is a lot of interest maybe do a couple of visits depending on how many they want there at a time. It is only a 5 mile ride from the fairgrounds.

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Thane LewisJohn McCann

Frank & I would be interested in the fish hatchery; one rig-two people.

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I will swing by and talk to them about a group visit. I have to run over to Denver this week to visit my mother and pickup my new to me, Rokon sidecar so I will stop by the hatchery after I get back. I am picking up my 17 year old grand nephew also, he wants to spend a month or so with me and also go to the sidecar rally. I paid for him to take the motorcycle riders class and he now has his permit so I can get him up to speed on the sidecars so he can ride his own rig to to the rally. Actually he will ride my K100/EML rig but it still counts.

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CCjonsnookersThane Lewis
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