side-car (sid’kar’) n.
1. An extraordinary form of
transportation that brings diverse
people together for a multitude of
reasons, the most prominent being
sheer enjoyment!

We are the United Sidecar Association, an independent, not-for-profit organization of diverse people from all walks of life who share a common interest — motorcycles with sidecars. The USCA was founded in 1976 in the Chicago area, but has grown to include members throughout the USA, Canada, and, in fact, throughout the world

Our leadership consists of an elected board of directors comprised of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and seven Regional Directors. We also boast a strong volunteer staff that provides support on many levels; volunteers help in administrative tasks, or serve as state representatives. We are truly an organization as strong as its members, and welcome anyone who may want to offer their time and talent.

Our activities revolve around motorcycles and sidecars. In the early part of the 20th Century, long before family values became a slogan, motorcyclists attached sidecars to cycles so that they could take family, friends or pets with them on their adventures. This spirit provides the energy behind what we do.

USCA activities are planed around family and friends. We enjoy going to rallies, touring, camping out, or even just calling up a friend to go on a casual ride. The USCA is all about our members and providing support and information for folks who want to know more about our sport.

Our members enjoy making new friendships, keeping old one alive, and helping others, all the while enjoying our motorcycles and sidecars. And you don’t even have to own a rig to be part of it, membership is open to anyone expressing an interest in our sport. Members can choose to be as active as they wish. If you’re on the fence about sidecars, our magazine, The Sidecarist and this web site are good places to go for information.

Please join us !