1. An extraordinary form of
transportation that brings
people together for a multitude of
reasons, but mostly, sidecars are just fun!

The United Sidecar Association

We are the USCA, an independent, not-for-profit organization of people from all walks of life who share a common interest — motorcycles with sidecars. The USCA includes members throughout the USA, Canada, and, in fact, throughout the world

Join the USCA

Membership in the USCA includes “The Sidecarist”, our magazine that is published six times a year. Members also can leverage our “Emergency & Friendship directory”. Stuck on the road? Someone nearby may be able to help. Want to just shoot the breeze with a fellow sidecarist? The directory covers that as well. We hold an annual rally that moves around the country and also sponsor other events. We keep track of what’s going on and have an extensive directory of sidecar manufacturers, dealers, installers and component makers.