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-> Experience the Adventure of a Lifetime: Discover the Thrill of Riding with a Sidecar

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Sidecars offer a unique and thrilling riding experience that is sure to satisfy your adventurous spirit. Whether you’re exploring off-road trails or cruising along scenic highways, a sidecar provides a versatile and customizable option for your transportation needs. So why settle for a traditional motorcycle when you can enjoy the benefits and excitement of a sidecar?

Traditional motorcycles can be unstable and difficult to control, particularly on uneven terrain or in adverse weather conditions. This can lead to accidents and injuries, which is a major concern for riders. Additionally, carrying passengers or cargo on a traditional motorcycle can be challenging, often requiring the use of cumbersome and awkwardly-shaped bags or panniers.

And sidecars can provide a way to ride friends and family (and dogs!) who may not be able to ride on a motorcycle.

Why Join The United Sidecar Association?

Community and Networking – By joining the United Sidecar Association members have access to a supportive community of fellow enthusiasts who share their passion for sidecars. The association provides opportunities for members to connect and network with like-minded individuals through events, forums, and social media groups.
Education and Resources – The United Sidecar Association offers a wealth of educational resources and information to its members. This includes access to technical support, safety tips, and riding advice. Additionally, the association provides members with information on sidecar-related events.
Advocacy and Promotion – As a member of the United Sidecar Association, you are supporting the promotion and advocacy of sidecar riding. The association works to raise awareness and understanding of sidecars as a safe, versatile, and exciting mode of transportation. By joining the association, you are contributing to the growth and recognition of the sidecar community, helping to ensure that future generations can enjoy this unique and thrilling riding experience.
Specific Member Benefits – When you join the USCA you will receive a welcome packet with a paper copy of the Sidecarist magazine (subscription includes 6 issues per year), a membership card, a USCA pin, and a copy of the “Emergency and Friendship Directory”.

The United Sidecar Association has everything you need to enhance your riding experience – become a member today!