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“USCA: What It Was, What It Is, And What It Will Be”

In the Two-Wheeled Texans website, there was a recent posting: “Done Riding, Balance Gone.”  The topic must have hit a nerve as the responses quickly grew to more than five pages within a few days. Every day aging motorcyclists are coming to terms with their declining muscle strength, hearing loss and fading sense of balance. The common response was to begrudgingly resign themselves to a four-wheeled cage future. 

I posted the story about the “Oldest to ride to the rally” award from our rally in Hotchkiss this summer. It came down to two sidecarists, both in their 80s, one of whom rode in with his wife in the sidecar from Iowa, right Don?

We sidecarists, who have found the passion and practicality of sidecars, can educate our fellow riders and help them see they do not have to give up their wind-in-the-face experience that they love as they age. We can inform them that sidecars are the better solution to their dilemma.

Sidecar rigs are:

  • Safer than two wheels.
  • Easier for couples to keep riding together.
  • More secure for sharing a ride with grandchildren.
  • Less expensive than trikes.
  • Available as dual sport or highway cruisers.
  • Able to be ridden on the road legally unlike UTV’s.
  • Able to keep their resale value.

And for many, they can keep riding the motorcycle they know and love for many more years by adding a sidecar. Offer to show those interested your rig, explain how it handles and what you like about it.

Dispel the widespread rumor that all sidecars automatically lift up when you go around a curve. Another common statement against sidecars is, “I’ll miss leaning into corners.” A good response is, “YOU can still lean in corners! The machine won’t, but you can.”

On the plus side, we sidecarists don’t have to worry about mud, loose sand or debris on the roadway causing us to lose our balance.

The sidecar sport is such a small fraternity within the small motorcycle community, we each have a responsibility to inform and educate others who are interested in joining our ranks. There is always room around the sidecarists campfire for another to join. Make them feel welcome as others welcomed you when you first joined teach them to pilot a rig safely.

Spread the love! 

Jan “CCJon” Daub
USCA President
In Sidecarist magazine, Vol 46, No 6, Nov/Dec 2022