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Your membership in the USCA includes your subscription to The Sidecarist, delivered six times a year, an annual copy of the Emergency and Friendship Directory, and a USCA memento.  Associate members must reside in the same household as a member and do not receive a magazine, but do receive a memento and are voters in USCA elections.

If you don’t want to sign up online, you can print this form and mail along with a check to USCA, PO Box 13174 Dayton, OH. 45413-0174

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Emergency & Friendship Directory

The USCA publishes directory listing the first names or nick-names of members who might be open to helping out fellow sidecarists who are having difficulty or just want to meet to share a beverage and tell stories. The listings are arranged by state then city. A typical listing looks like this... First there are columns with the headings City, Friend, Phone, E/F under that are listings like Augusta, Terry, 269-731-4826, Y Y. Each listing has a city, a first name [only], phone number, and letters that indicate if the member is open to emergencies only, friendship only or both. Listing is purely voluntary.