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Sidecar Library

The articles listed here remain the property of the authors. Rights to reproduce must be obtained from the authors or their assigns

Constitution of the United Sidecar Association

Sidecarist Magazines Historical Archive – A collection of the first 30 years of the official magazine of the United Sidecar Association – “Sidecarist” (opens in a new tab)

Snowbum on Sidecars
This document is a compendium of information, thoughts, and opinions about sidecars according to Robert Fleischer, aka “Snowbum”.
The Good, The Bad, And … An Overview Of Sidecars, And Driving One.pdf

Hal Kendall’s Book and Articles
The books below are either written by Hal Kendall or translated by him. Hal was one of the founding members of the USCA and made significant contributions over the years. The USCA logo is a picture of Hal on his Lavarda rig.
Hal Kendall – The Sidecar Operator’s Manual
The Sidecar Operator Manual
“Getting Into Sidecars” by Hal Kendall – Article from Sidecarist Magazine, Vol 30, No 4, July/Aug 2006

Sidecar Resources
David Hough – Proficient Motorcycling The Ultimate Guide To Riding Well
How To Ride The Ural

Technical – The information provided here is for educational and historical purposes. Much of it is quite dated. Care should be taken with any technical information found. Please verify, cross-reference, and research any specific facts or opinions on your own.
HD TLE Ultra Sidecar Attachment Kit Instructions 2009-05-15
Terraplane Drivers-Owners Manual
California Sidecar Friendship I and II installation
Sidecar Manuals – Florida Sidecar Manuals – “Motorcycle sidecar manuals for older American-made sidecars and many imported Metric sidecars.”

Other Valuable/Interesting Websites
Jimbo’s Classic Sidecars – This is a website and shop dedicated to vintage sidecars, specializing in BMWs, and especially the history and working on Chang Jiang sidecars. Wikipedia
See also an article on MCNews – “Urals, Chang Jiang and the military sidecar

Millray History cover letter
Millray Photo Album
Millray Sidecar Scrapbook Vol 1
There is an excellent long article hosted at Florida Sidecar Products about Millray and how it became Motorvation in 1976.
Motorvation Sidecar History
Youtube (2018) – Sidecar Manufacturing at Motorvation Engineering ends
The Flxible Side Car: A Different Angle on Sidecar Design
Vintage Sidecars – Here are some pictures of vintage sidecars from some American sidecar companies you may never have heard of.

Season of the Bike” by Dave Karlotski