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Sidecar Events

2023-09INHoosier Beemers Annual RallyPDFThe annual rally for the Hoosier Beemers club
2023-09KSJoyce Canfield Sidecars In The Flint Hills RallyJoyce Canfield Rally
2023-09OHAmish Country Motorcycle/Sidecar Campoutn/aContact:
Jim (716)450-5834 or
Marilyn McManus

Previous Events

2023-06IAUSCA National RallyNational RallyThe national rally for the USCA
2023-05MNDowneast RallyDowneast RallyAnnual rally of the BMW Riders of Southern Maine
2023-04NCSidecars in the SmokiesSidecars in the SmokiesThe sidecar rally will be held at IronHorse Motorcycle Campground in Robbinsville, N.C. the weekend of April 27 thru April 30, 2023.