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Map of Sidecar Manufacturers, Dealers and Installers

This is a non-authoritative map of sidecar resources. We have attempted to be as complete and inclusive as possible but we have probably missed a few.
The red star icons represent companies that are paying to advertise as premium supporters of the USCA in the Sidecarist magazine. If anyone (or company) wants to be added as a premium supporter please send an email to

If you know of someone to add, change, or delete please fill out this form:
Update Form for Sidecar Vendors Map

Click on the map

Click on the map to view a larger map in a new tab. You can pan and zoom in on the map. Click on any pin to view the contents.

Note our list and map are for North America, to see a list of sidecar resources in the UK and EU see the Three Wheels Better website.

For any questions about the map or update form send an email to Jerry at