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USCA Rally 2022 location and dates?

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Does anyone know if a location has been chosen for the 2022 rally? Also has location been chosen yet? Just trying to plan ahead! Thanks 

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Not ready to announce dates and location, they are working on nailing down the details first. Hope to announce by Labor Day. 

Thanks CC.  We met at Sidecars in the Smokies. You were the only one who traveled further than we did to the rally. I have Just 1 other question. Will it be on the East coast? Thanks again  for all your work.

Yes, I remember. Am signed up for next years Sidecars in the Smokies. You?

The Southeast Region will be next year's USCA rally host. The people there are working on finding an acceptable rally venue for us. USCA has a rally site requirements list that details what amenities our group wants and needs. Finding a venue for a group our size is not easy. Like Goldilocks, it's finding a place that is the right size with the right amenities. Many venues are for much larger gatherings and others for large families.  We fall in between those groups.

We are also seeing inflation pushing the facilities rent much higher than what we are accustomed to paying.

Bob and Dan are working diligently on contracting a rally site for us. If anyone has a suggestion for a good sidecar rally site in the southeast for 200 attendees, pass that info on to Bob Davis, Southeast Regional Director.


I am interested in getting a copy of a picture from the National rally that was posted in the latest magazine.  I'm not sure where or how to request this so am putting the information here.  I would like a copy, if possible, of the middle, left picture on page 9; it is from the 'sidecar rodeo' of us (Frank & Kaye Rogers).  Thanks in advance for any information on how to do this.

Is this the photo you're looking for? If you need it sent directly let me know, I can email it.

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Thanks CC. Haven’t made a final decision on Sidecars in the Smokies yet. We recently moved to OH and are still working on getting settled. I just came back from a road trip to visit with Claude Stanley. It was great to see him again. Ride safe.

Where in Ohio did you move ? I am in Berlin Center about half way between Akron and Youngstown.

There is a Sidecar Gathering Sept  15-19 inWinesburg at Amish Country Campsites on Rt 62.


Quote from Muzzleflash on July 30, 2021, 3:33 pm

Is this the photo you're looking for? If you need it sent directly let me know, I can email it.

Yes, this is the correct photo; I was able to get it from your posting so don't need you to send it to me directly.  Thanks so much.  

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One thing we have done when hosting rallies (hosted the national sidecar rally once) is to also team up with another group such that we can afford a larger venue. The trick is finding the right group. We have combined with Moto Guzzi events as like us size wise they fall in the cracks and we have found that the two groups work well together.

On another note, chances are we will be hosting a DMC open house this year where we will provide food, a place to camp, live music, rest rooms but no showers and not a lot else other then great riding and great people. Open to any one interested in sidecars and of course it is all free to the attendees. I will announce dates some time next year.

Jay G
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