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Rig cover

Does anyone have any information on where to find a cover that covers up the entire rig? 

I'd be interested as well, what I do now when I need to cover it is I have a full cover for the bike and a small cheap cover from Wal-Mart that turns out to be a good fit for the side car 

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 I use a small car cover.

We have used a couple of trike covers for our rigs that have worked well enough.  Measure to confirm the rear width is compatible with your rig.

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  I use one for the bike and one for the hack that if I'm solo I have a cover for the bike.  The different hacks have there own designated covers.

Have found using two separate covers works best when parked over night in rain.  Covers sag then water accumulates in the middle making removal a wet mess.

Plus two inexpensive lightweight covers pack up small. 

Had one big cover that when rolled up was the size of an oversized pillow. It took up too much room. 

What CCjon said. I use two covers from EZ Touring - a Wanderer A for bike and a X for car.  They also have Trike covers. A small multi-generation family-run operation that has been in business for years and years. They usually show up at the MoA Rally - and sometimes? at RA Rally. I was able to get them to make covers in Yellow/Black to match my rig at no additional charge. I always cover the bike overnight - protection from prying eyes as well as weather - and the car only if needed for weather.


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I have complete sidecar/bike covers. One piece. Waterproof. Made for Chang Jiangs, will fit Ural/Dnepr/BMW airhead and others.