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Introduce Yourself!

If you are new to the USCA and our forums, please take a minute and let us know. Just a short 'who are you' and 'where are you from' and 'what do you ride?' kinds of things. A photo of your rig would be great as well. The more you personalize the more people may want to engage with you. They may have similar motorcycles or sidecars or live near you. Just no email addresses or phone numbers here. Google and all the search engines scan all these posts and the bad bots look for those kinds of personal details. That's where spammy emails and phone calls come from...

This is the place to make your first post! We're glad your here!


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"I ride because it frees my mind from the tyranny of petty things."

Hello Forum!

Dane Wentworth here.  Old guy, new to sidecars.  

I like off-roading in AZ, and think a sidecar is a great way to keep an Africa Twin from falling over in the sand!  Have been riding with a sidecar for about two weeks now, and think it is a blast.



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Cheers, Dane AKA "Ben Franklin" on Adventure Riders Forums Why not?

Welcome, Dane from someone who often gets called Dane, but whose name is Thane!

Thank you for joining out small circle of three-wheel enthusiasts and if you haven’t already done so, please consider going to the next level and joining the USCA as a full member.  You will receive the Sidecarist magazine bi monthly and other benefits plus help further spread the word about our unique passion.

Join the USCA

Keep the photos coming!

Thane Lewis, USCA Board Secretary 

Broken Bow, Nebraska 

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Welcome !

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Welcome aboard Dane, glad to have you join us. nice looking set up you have there, looks like it would be a blast and that is my kind of fun, hitting the trails 


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USCA # 8913


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Welcome, love your photos, please post more.

Most folks don't realize how much fun sidecars are until they try it. Without the fear of falling, one can really enjoy the wind-in-your-face riding experience.


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