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"Dusting"? sidecar $1800

For sale here is what is supposed to be a Dusting or Dusting replica body privately imported about 15 years ago.  Mounted on a customized Texas Sidecar chassis and features a locking trunk, Goldwing 1200 wheel, HD fender and tombstone taillight.  Removed from an '83 'wing, it has 4 strap clamps, mounting arms and struts.  The quality of the body leaves a bit to be desired.  The seam around the car where the sides are welded to the top and bottom isn't very good.   Priced at $1800.

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Bob, glad to see you on here. Where is the chair located?

Hey - I'm not on here often - after building 675 of the puppies, I burned out!  I'm in Nelson, GA, about half-way between Atlanta and Chattanooga, just a block off I-575.  Take care.


My wife Marna and I met you at the Corning Rally in 2017. We have the Wallace and Grommet sidecar model you sent us prominently displayed. Hope all is well with you.

 Is that the one with two tooth brushes in it.

No, it was not that one, but a different model.

Correction. My wife just informed me that it is the one that you can put toothbrushes in.

Of course I remember you two folks.  We had the Boston conversations - though I don't miss Boston at all.  I'm doing fine and messing with a couple of cars and bikes.  In fact, I'm putting together a Convert in a loop frame right now.  Will shortly have it for sale.  Down to 3 unfinished projects and then I'm going to concentrate on helping my son build/finish a '49 ford tudor he's just starting on.  I do plan to be at the next national rally that actually happens!  Take care.

PS.  I brought some of those W&G collectables back from trips I made to the UK.  Probably won't see them in the US!