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Sidecarist July/Aug

The Sidecarist was mailed out early this month.  I don't have mine, has anyone got theirs yet?

Dave USCA president.

Not yet. Maybe today....


Didn't come today. Maybe Monday. 

Well someone got there Sidecarist and online voted


Got mine yesterday 7/20. Another good issue.  I wish I had planned better as I should have documented my Fly and ride for a Half page story..

Big Tom,

Take a picture of your rig and story and send it in the editor is begging for stuff for the next Sidecarist

Dave USCA president

my Sidecarist came today and I went online and voted.


Dave USCA president

Got Mine today!  7/21/2020.  It is unusual for me to get mine early in the cycle.  Yes - I voted.  So - we have at least 3 that have voted.

Will Short


I received my copy of "Sidecarist" yesterday. I was immediately taken by the fantastic cover photo by Joe Penzias: "Sunset Across from a Nuclear Powerplant". Now, to read the rest of the magazine.


2014 CB1100 Std, 2000 ST1100 with DMC Classic, 1981 CB650C

 Received mine yesterday, is that a picture of a Rocket sidecar on the calendar that ever body knocks.