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Photo scavenger hunt


it's OK right now to use old pics as it's that time of year that many people can't get out and ride. I knew when I added this game that it would start slow due to winter being among us. so for now if you live in an area that riding isn't safe you can use old pics to keep the game going.

So Shadow what is the new Mark

This could be fun, deal me in.

Sidecar in front of a mural. Where is this?

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Reardan Tom


is that your rig in front of the mural, that is a really cool mural

Yes, that's my current rig, a 2015 BMW GSA with an EZS dual sport sidecar.

I missed on this one, there's a terrific mural of a sidebar rig on the side of a liquor store in Minneapolis but I'm in North Carolina right now. What's the next subject?

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

The mural is located in Taos, NM.

Next subject: A  mountain pass over 11,000 ft. Both elevation sign and sidecar rig must be in the photo.

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Thane Lewis

I'm hoping to have my new alternator this week, someone hurry up  and get the Mark so we can get a new one. No mountains around here



can we get a new mark

panamerican highway Cerro de la Muerte, CR. Until 2006 (+/-2 years)  all trucks to Panama were forced to go over the hill.

its from last year, so the hunt is still active. Road height about  3.300m = 10.819ft  still missing height., but this is the highest Pass, we have higher public roads though to Irazu vulcano 3550m.

At least I came over the 11.000. as i hicked up that tip in the photo. The tip Cerro de la Muerte a bit up on the other side of the road is 3380m (actually not part of the national park). There is one spot close to this photo, where a few times a year you are able to observe Pacific and Atlantic ocean just crossing the road.

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