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Location of 2023 USCA National Rally ?

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Well...I just reserved a room at the Rodeway Inn, in Okoboji, Iowa, for the nights of the 22nd, 23rd, and 24th....and not that I am happy about it, but those three nights came to $ 625.00.

The issue is, not that many of us want to "camp" anymore. And to try to find a "decent" room at a hotel, or motel, in a Summer Resort, during high season, is darn near improbable.

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Two Million Miles, and All 7 Continents

VRBO has a few that are not too bad, they are constantly adding and deleting units so I have been checking occasionally.,-95.29080506664883,43.484474286080896,-94.97288819653164,11z/minNightlyPrice/0?petIncluded=false&CID=a_cj_100225472&CJEVENT=843484578f6311ed834e417f0a1c0e0b&affcid=VRBO-US.NETWORK.CJ.100225472&filterByTotalPrice=true&k_clickid=843484578f6311ed834e417f0a1c0e0b&ssr=true&utm_campaign=Skimlinks_100225472&utm_content=14002097_130832X1685020X89cd2d72fc8524fd8fa6c58c81d8a665&utm_medium=partner&utm_source=aff_cj

They do say that only %25 of properties are available for those dates. Popular place.

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Quote from Thane Lewis on January 7, 2023, 5:40 pm

My initial searches for AirBNB and hotel/motel show very few but expensive options  available on the Gull Point side of the lake complex for the rally weekend. In the “pocket” between West/East Okoboji are a number of options which begin at $175 per night and rapidly escalate due to it being high season in a highly desirable travel destination. 

The pocket between the lakes seems like a cool place, but is several miles in RV/Boat trailer infested roads to the rally site.  If I am mistaken about this assessment, I await correction.

We decided to stay at the Holiday Inn Express down in Spencer.  It's not that far, and what the heck, we're there to ride anyway!  Besides, I had points to burn up.  We had hoped to stay at a friend's house in Okoboji, but that didn't work out. 

Looking forward to meeting y'all!!

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Cheers! Joe

Don't mind camping, actually look forward to it. So I think we have that part sorted. 🙂 Now, do I head out two weeks early and go North. Northern Quebec is calling. Or do I spend two weeks going home and see some USA that I haven't seen yet. I figure a week to get there on the slow meander. Hmmm decisions decisions.  Family stuff happening in July so that might make it for me. 

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Thane LewisJoe NorrisFlyingMonkeys

If the lodging close to the rally is over budget for you and you don't mind a short ride, Estherville Iowa is about 25 miles away and show a Super 8 and a Estherville Hotel and suites which both showed availability at the time of this post in the $100-$125 range.

Personally, room reservations made and registered for the rally and looking forward to it!

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Joe NorrisFlyingMonkeys
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