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Has anyone put a sidecar on a BMW R18? There are R18's out there that seem to be discounted quite a lot. Especially demos that have very low miles. I was thinking about an R18 with a Hannigan Arrow Elite. It seems like it should be a good sidecar bike.

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I've been looking at this possibility too, but the biggest drawback is the small gas tank.   I've been a bmw fan for close to 20 years now but can't under a how  they designed a tour bike that only about a150 mile range.   Add a sidecar and gas stations stops will be every 100 miles.   Totally unreasonable.  

Walter I agree that would be a drawback. With my current sidecar (Harley Heritage with Claude Stanley sidecar) I usually start looking for gas stations at about 130 miles. For me I think it would be making an adjustment and accepting that limitation.

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There are several BMW R18 sidecar rigs out there...on the streets...already. I saw one being completed at Hannigan when I was there this past September, getting my new Gen 3 Dream sidecar attached to my '19 Wing w/DCT.

I also know that Mike Paull, at LBS-USA has done at least one completed sidecar rig using the R18 as the tug, and possibly a 2nd one also using the R18 as the tug. 

You can contact Dave Hannigan at Hannigan Motorsports in Murray, Kentucky, as they actually have a R18 sitting on the showroom floor, that he could use to build with a Hannigan Arrow Elite.......or contact Mike Paull in Kenmore, Washington, before he moves his entire operation to Poulsbo, WA, and he is the USA rep for LBS sidecars, made in the Netherlands.

If you want perfection, and I do specifically mean...PERFECTION..then have Mike Paull build you a sidecar rig.

If you love the looks of the Hannigan Arrow Elite (and I do too), then have Dave Hannigan build it for you.



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Appears there's a turnkey R18 with a Hannigan Heritage sidecar currently for sale in Pennsylvania:   

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Thank you for the information. FlyingMonkeys I will check on LBS-USA. SwampFox I saw that Hannigan Heritage on Kissell Motorsports website. Kissell Motorsports can get an R18 used demo at auctions for a very good price. They may be able to put together used/demo R18 with the Arrow Elite in the low to mid-twenties. Or so they say.  I don't want a sidecar brake or automatic camber control etc. I don't have that on my Claude Stanley rig and we do a lot of off camber riding in Vermont and Maine etc. I cam manually adjust the camber on the Claude Stanley sidecar, but I never have.

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Mike, three things:

# 1: a fully completed sidecar rig from LBS-USA, using a BMW R18 and either a Ural metal tub on a LBS frame, or a complete sidecar body and frame from the Netherlands, all assembled by Mike Paull at LBS-USA will cost you a LOT more money than what this completed rig in Pennsylvania has their's listed for. Mike Paull does absolute perfection of his work, a literal artist and genius when it comes to wiring. In reality, you DO get what you pay for from LBS-USA, but that reality comes at a high price...and thus far everyone says it is well worth that high price. As you said, you need to talk to Mike Paull, and get the details...

# 2: a dealership...any dealership, that tells you they can buy a demo R18, and install a Hannigan Arrow Elite for the low to mid 20's range, is blowing smoke up someone's posterior. At a minimum, a completed rig of those two items, all in, is going to be at least $ 30k....AT LEAST. !!!!!

# 3: frankly, that completed rig at the Pennsylvania dealer is priced correctly. For $ is all-in, complete, ready to roll, and you will find that a rig like that that IS all in, ready to roll will cost you a LOT more money to build from start to finish.

My '19 Goldwing w/DCT, and adding the Hannigan Gen 3 Dream sidecar, cost be a base of $ 42k, but when all my expenses were totaled up, two trips to Kentucky (from Washington State), and all that I have done to complete this rig, I am right at $ 48k...maybe closer to $ 49k...all-in.

What are the real differences between a Hannigan Heritage sidecar, and the Hannigan Arrow Elite?

Most of us can understand the reluctance to have the ECC (Camber Control) on the sidecar...some say it's not worth the price, never used, etc....and having had the ECC on 5 of my 6 sidecar rigs, I will actually agree with you.....if I did it again I would not get the ECC.

But the brake on the sidecar....most sidecar owners would agree that having a sidecar brake is a nice thing, a necessary thing, a needed choose the option that fits best for you. I currently have that exact same Hannigan brake system on my new sidecar, and I can tell you it is VERY nice, the brake rotor (disk) is top shelf, and the integration of the sidecar brake to my bikes' rear brake pedal makes it easy for application of the brakes.

I would HIGHLY recommend having a sidecar brake. And since that completed rig in Pennsylvania already has the ECC on it, just set it, and forget it.

Ultimately, you gotta do you, and what makes you happy, and makes you smile at the end of the day. If it was my money, and my choice, I would go for that completed rig in Pennsylvania, and be on the road this week, rather than 4 to 6 months from now.

Pic below...Dave Hannigan, posing with my new rig.


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FlyingMonkey, you have a beautiful rig. I met Dave Hannigan a few times over the years at Americade at Lake George. You make some very good points. Time to think about which way to go. I was on the LBS-USA website and, yes, I can see that would end up a very expensive proposition. Since this would be a second sidecar rig for me I want to keep the cost as reasonable as I can but still be happy with what I get. Kissell Motorsports had one of their techs go to Hannigan for training setting up Hannigan sidecars for their dealership. So apparently they have a dedicated person to do that. Maybe I could get a demo/used R18 from Kissell and send it to Hannigan for the build.

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smitty901Reardan TomFlyingMonkeys

  Hannigan has been at this a long time. Making the mounts is something they can do in there sleep for most bikes.Llead time for a complected sidecar mount is not going to be one of those I want and have the same week . No madder what brand.

  I have always had great experience with Hannigan.

Last time I was at Hannigan they had the R18 and were getting ready to mount a sidecar on it. A call to them might be in order to find out if

they did it and if it is done.

Picture of one with a Hannigan Heritage attached

Also one with a Watsonian



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There was an R18 rig for sale here in AZ a short time ago. I had a conversation with the owner before he decided to take it off the Market. He had it built at Hannigan. His solution for the small fuel tank was to carry a 4.5 gallon gas can in a bracket he built. I guess it worked for him as the rig had over 18K Miles on it in a year and a half.

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