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Six speed Gold Wing

I made the mistake of going into the showroom at Western Honda yesterday after visiting the parts dept. Got to looking at a new Pearl White 6 Spd manual transmission GW.

Anyone have an idea if the new transmission will be better for use with a hack?



I would think an additional gear would be beneficial, or at least do no harm.  The gear spacing should allow you to shift down a gear without buzzing the engine in situations where you may bogging down in 5th gear on a five-speed transmission.

A GL1800 should handle just about any sidecar without strain.  I have a 1500cc Valkyrie with a Motorvation Formula II LTD sidecar and the only time I recall having to do much shifting down was on steep grades going over Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park while pulling a trailer.  The Valk is carbureted instead of fuel injected and that may have contributed somewhat to a loss of power.  We pulled the trailer to Alaska and back on that trip without multiple downshifts.  The GL1100 we had before just didn't have the ability to power itself up long inclines with our luggage on the rack.

Has anyone put a Goldwing variable speed transmission bike on a heavy sidecar?  I have a friend with a 2-wheel Wing who really praises it and thinks I should have one on the sidecar.

I'm hoping someone who has done it will reply.


I have done it. Have a 2018 pearl white 6 speed with a Hannigan SP2 sidecar. Have never regretted the decision to go with a manual vs the DCT. My initial rationale was that I know how the Honda GW manual transmission works. In addition I feel that I have more control in tough situations.  We have taken it to many places including Yellowstone, Badlands, and Sturgis. Recently had the Hannigan ez Steer installed by UNB Customs in Denver NC. They also realigned the rig. Made a big difference in performance.  Prior to the realign, had trouble using 6th gear except on 4 lane super slabs. Now, it is another gear in the riding toolbox. Although, I usually use 4th and 5th gear on backroads and hills where terrain and curves are tough. Occasionally have to go to 3rd when the terrain is really challenging. All in all it is a great performing rig. Several have challenged my decision to go manual rather than automatic. Sorry, I still like to “ride my bike”. If you want to discuss further, send me a PM and we can catch up. Either way, good luck with your decision. Ride safe, enjoy the journey!