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license to ride?

The wife and I were talking of travel out side of the US. and it got me to wondering about renting a rig.

What are the the license requirements to rent a motorcycle/sidecar around the world?

Last week I had been at our new Ural agency here in Costa Rica  (Tel +506-4000 4445). They rent a Gear up for 100$ a day and only ask for a valid motorcycle driver's license of your country. (I guess some kind of deposit or waiver too)For newbees they give a basic lesson the day before in their back yard.

BMW and Harley only rent solos for much more bucks. Cheaper solos are available at

You better get out of town fast and go slow into the bends....Where is the next village?

One step off the road!


Thanks Peter, did a brief visit to Costa Rica a few years back. Would love to spend more time there and a Ural driving tour

might be just the thing.

Ural and our Mountain range do not go too well together. As you have been here once you understand what I mean. But you are right, its fact as soon you go off the main trucking and tourist roads you are in Ural heaven. Or Ural hell if you go as harsh as I too often do.

In Spain the guy close to Valencia seems to have stopped to rent rigs, at least in 2017 he didn't want to give his rig away for more then 2 days or 500km...

And in South Africa in Capetown there is one Ural rental.