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How does a person let the membership know that he would be willing to run for state rep?


Saw a request for North Texas area Rep and I would like more information as I am in the Dallas Ft Worth Area



Contact your Regional Director to volunteer your service.  Lee Coltharp is your regional director.  Look inside the back cover of The Sidecarist for South Central Director.  You will find Lee's contact information there.  

the current Texas state representative is J.R. Lewis, but J.R. and his wife, and Lee Coltharp may all be at or on their way back from the National USCA Rally.

Thank you for inquiring.

Don Banwart

NC Region Director

@hdgypsyman Wife and I will be passing through St James on July 5 on the way home to Nebraska from visiting family in the cities.  Any chance for a meetup?  Won't be in a rig, but will have delivered a car to a Rally attendee.

Hello there Thane!

It would be great to meet you and your wife!  My cell number is 507-317-3718.  I'm still working even though I'm old enough that I should probably quite.  I've checked my schedule and at this point I believe that I'm off that day so a get together should work.  I'm sorry that I didn't respond to you sooner, but I just got back from Washington state on a fly and ride where I picked up my latest bike/sidecar and missed your post initially.  Call or text me when you get an idea of when you will be passing through!


Robert M. (Mike) Anderson

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Thane Lewis

Hi. Avanell& I have been replaced as Texas Rep. Lee should be home and can talk with you. Really   thank you for  the offer. We need more people envolved with USCA..



Past sec.

Past Tex. rep.