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Does Anyone know a mechanic that will put on a side car in the norther VA DC area?

Hello! I'm restoring a Hitchhiker II side car from the 1970's and I need the name of mechanic in the Northern VA or DC or MD area that can put it on my Harley Road King when I get it finished. The mechanic I used to use has retired and the local Harley shop won't touch it because it's not a Harley side car. If anyone out there has the name of someone who would be interested in taking on the task over the winter please let me know. I'm not in a big hurry because I currently have someone making a new convertible top for it. However as soon as that gets done I'd like to get it done. Any information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Try Claude at  He is in PA a bit north of Harrisburg.

Thanks for the information. I'm hoping to get someone closer but if I'm not successful I will definitely call him.

Not really in the area you listed, but Bill Cozzi may fit your rig. You can find him here Hope this helps.


With proper bike specific mounts so no fabrication is needed most people can either install the sidecar on their own or have any one with some mechanical aptitude do it. I would try an independent mechanic. On our web page are three video's the first tells you about us, the next two show one of our Tomahawk sidecars being installed on an Indian, while the specifics are different then your bike the concepts are the same

You did not say what year your Road King is. Unless it is pre EVO we will make mounts for it

Jay G
DMC sidecars


Jay G DMC sidecars 15616 Carbonado South Prairie RD Buckley WA 98321 866-638-1793 Hours Monday - Thursday 6-4:30

I would second Claude Stanley. He installed our original sidecar and his folks did a great job. To me the proper installation is critical to the performance of the rig. This is not a place to pinch pennies. A lot of folks will tell you they can do the job. If that’s the case ask for references you can talk with. Just one opinion.


It's a 2004 Road King. I agree with the other posts (and thanks for the information) I have another sidecar rig, a Sportster with cozy side car. I've had it for a few years now. The reason I got the Road King is and the "new/old" sidecar is I want to take some longer trips. If someone puts one on that doesn't know what they are doing it's a serious problem.

When the woman I hired to fabricate a top finishes with it I'll be ready to move forward and get it put on the bike. I really appreciate the information and suggestions people have provided.  By the way I have seen a couple of Triumphs with side cars Bill Cozzi has done. He's done some impressive work.