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dark side tires

Thank you everyone. I have a good idea what to do, now. Thx again for your thoughts and inside knowledge. It's wonderful when fellow riders are able to part knowledge with other. We are all really one family.

The side car runs a  Dunlap MT 90 B16 / mc72H

the front had a Continental 130/90     mc 67H

I should of been more specific thank you for Bring it to my attention

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Welcome Aboard James

I can't speak for your bike but in general the only way your going to get a car tire on the front of the bike is if you convert it to a leading link front end

what Hannigan car do you have and what wheel does it use, I know there are others that run car tires on the Hannigan's. 

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USCA # 8913


My EML rig [with a leading link] uses car tires all around.  There's no issue when you're moving at even a pretty slow speed. BUT, at a standstill the effort to move a car tire on the front is considerable.  There are some flat profile NARROW tires that will work well and don't require nearly the effort that a full sized car tire does.  Those tires are made for sidecars. Examples are the Avon Safety Mileage A MKII and their Triple Duty, Heidenau K28 and the Metzler Block-K. All those tires are available in limited size ranges. 

Some folks also use "Classic Car Tires ", not a brand but rather a class of tires used on classic cars.  I don't recommend that because of the low sales volumes I have often received very old tires as "new". Don't forget that your motorcycle rims [starting at 16" and up] are bigger than auto rims with the same designated size.  Physical mounting and bead distortion are real issues.

Good luck.


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CCjonJames McIntosh
Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

James, any discussion about tires must include what size wheel you have.  Just to say "Indian Vintage" isn't really enough.  Is it a late model Indian Vintage with the 3.5x16 front rim?  And as mentioned above, does it have the stock telescopic forks or does it have leading link forks?  What size tire are you using on it now? How much of a gap is there between the tire you have now and the fender? 

On the Hannigan car, which one do you have?  Is it the Arrow with the 12-inch wheel?  Or the Heritage with the 16-inch wheel?  Or some other model? What size tire is on there now?

And for what it's worth, I never use the term "darkside tires" when referring to a sidecar rig.  Darkside is something that motorcyclists angst over because they have two wheels and a machine that leans.  So using car tires FOR THEM means going over to the dark side.  For us guys, if anything, using motorcycle tires on a machine that doesn't lean is going over to the dark side, don't ya think?  Though most rigs steer easier with a moto tire up front so there's that too.  Which means it's pretty hard for us sidecarists to go over to the "dark side" when both car tires or moto tires are used depending on what rims you have, what forks you have, weight, usage, swingarm clearance, fender clearance etc.

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catneckCCjonThane Lewis

  It can be done with a Harley using a fat tire front end conversion with a 16 inch wheel. But the parts and labor are very expensive .

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