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vetter terraplane dimensions

New to the forum and the club. I am considering adding a vetter terraplane to my recently restored 1985 BMW K100RS. I have searched the net and come up with much info, however I cannot find any info on the physical dimensions of the terraplane and whether it has ever been attached to a K100RS. I would appreciate any information in this regard. I plan to research this thoroughly before making my decision. I am 70 years old, have been riding since I was 15 but have no experience with sidecars. I believe that a rig has the potential to extend my years of motorcycling. Thanks in advance . Craig

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I can't help with the dimension but I can point you to the Vetter owners club
and while it does not appear to have the dimensions listed, it couldn't hurt to look at

I'm confident that the Terraplane would mount to your K100RS and I'd be really shocked if it hasn't already been done.  Good luck!

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

I do not remember the dimensions however we can help with the needed hardware. The Vetter ran a 3 point mount where the upper was adjustable on the fly. As the lower "pylons" are specific to each and every bike and as Vetter stopped making these items before your bike was ever made we chose unless the bike is in our shop to convert the sidecar over to a 4 point mounting system with all mounts being adjustable. The parts to do this are 100% bolt on and run $750, once done then you can use any of our bike specific mounts as well as many from other companies. The bike specific mounts for your bike run $795.

Jay G
DMC sidecars


I had to make a trip (all the way) to the garage for these so here you are. The Terraplane is 82" long 37.5" wide and 38" tall with out mounts.

Hope this helps in your decision

I've seen Terraplanes, but I can't say I've seen one on a K100RS.  Like Al, I'd be surprised if someone hasn't mounted a Terraplane to a K100RS.  It may take a subframe to get proper mounting points on the bike, but I'm confident it can be done.  The Terraplane is a cool looking sidecar, reminding me of a wedge and an old pine casket.  Good luck!


Thank you for all the replies. I am researching the attachment problem and have discovered that a sub frame is indeed needed. This adds to the complexity and expense. The complexity is something I can handle but the expense is another matter. The Vetter I am considering is in need of an extensive restoration, in my opinion and the final cost may be prohibitive. Thank you for your input especially 85 shadow for the dimensions. This is directed to 85 shadow, have you mounted the sidecar? What is the horsepower of your tug and how does it handle? If I do proceed I may be asking you many more questions, if you do not mind. Craig

Hi, Craig

I ride a 1982 Gold Wing 1100 with a terraplane. power has never been an issue the manual say the terraplane weighs just under 200 lbs. not as much as  some passengers I've seen on bikes. I wasn't sure what my TP came off of so i set the bike and TP side by side and just built mounts to match. Mine mounts directly to my frame if i were to set it up again I would go with a sub frame on the bike. I like the terraplane because it was easy to adjust toe in and lean.