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USCA Rally in Hotchkiss Colorado

Hi folks, looking for information on the Rally coming up in July.  I've signed up and ready to go, but as this is my first side car rally I'm wondering about camping. I'm an experienced BMW rally camper and always enjoyed the camping experience to the staying at a hotel in the evening so wondering if a lot of side car members still camp as opposed to the nicer digs of a motel?   I'm 71 years young and the sidecar crowd seems to be a bit more mature where many folks start hanging up tent camping so wondering if I should start looking for a room if camping is not in vogue anymore for sidecar enthusiasts.   Just trying to get a feel for the flavor of the rally.  Thanks for any advice and hope to meet many new friends at the rally.   Walt E.🙏

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Walt, bring your tent, there is a nice shaded grassy area set aside just for the tent campers in the middle of the rally activities, the camping cost is included in your rally fee. You will not be alone sleeping under the stars. Restrooms and bathhouse is available too. 

See you in Hotchkiss, ride safe.

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I'm considering tent camping onsite myself.

When are you planning to arrive?

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Brian, looks like I will be heading out tomorrow about 1:00 pm.  According to maps, it's a 15 hour drive so planning on driving and sleeping  in truck stops along the way or maybe camping depending on evening temps, but probably try to get through Denver Wednesday morning before rush hour.   See you there.

Well it's post Hotchkiss and I just wanted to thank all the folks who worked to put it on for a great time.   I'm a bit of a rally addict over the years and have to rate the USCA in my top ten rally experiences over the past 15 years of motorcycle riding.  The location was excellent, nice nighttime sleeping weather, and really goers in the top levels of what the motorcycle community should be.   So thanks for a great time and I look forward to Iowa next year.   👍👍👍

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