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UNIT leading link front end

 A few questions.  I separated the sidecar from my “95” GL 1500. The bike will be broken up for parts, bad tranny .  Will the UNIT front end fit other motorcycles ?  I have another rig already and it’s set up fine.  This is just in case I decide to build/configure a different rig later on.  

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The Unit Leading Link front end that is currently on your 1995 Honda Goldwing 1500 certainly has some very good that it can be used on any Goldwing 1500 made from 1988 thru 2000. 

And, there are several sidecarists here that already own a Goldwing 1500, specifically 1995 and 1997 year models, that this front end would perfectly fit, and greatly improve the handling of their bike/sidecar rigs.....if you chose to sell it to someone.

As for FIT onto another bike, the most specific things that are dependent on fitting almost any other motorcycle, is going to be the sizing of those down tubes on the Unit Leading Link....compared to the OEM fork tubes of the bike. Whilst it is not a major job to machine the OEM triple trees to a slightly larger I.D. to fit different tubes to, the specific issue is....what is the O.D. of the Unit Leading Link tubes.....and what is the I.D. of the triple trees of a bike that a person is wanting to fit the Leading Link onto ?????

Secondly, the WIDTH spread of the tubes....vs the width spread of the OEM fork tubes on the bike you are wanting to install this on.

Of course, one should be mindful not to fit the Unit Leading Link that is coming off a Goldwing 1500...onto a Honda 250 Rebel (simply an example)

In this case, size does matter, to some degree.

Then we need to concern ourselves with the BRAKES that are attached to this Unit Leading Link, and will the ones front the Goldwing 1500 work with the bike a person wants to install it on, ....OR.....can the OEM brakes on the bike that you are wanting to install this Leading Link on.....will the OEM brake calipers and discs mount to, and work with the Unit Leading Link ?

Having owned my very first sidecar rig that was already a completed rig when I bought it, and it came with a Unit Leading Link front end on it (1986 Goldwing 1200 w/California Friendship 3)....I would look at the idea of moving that Unit Leading Link over to a different bike with the attitude of a Glass Half Full.....rather than half empty.

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Two Million Miles, and All 7 Continents

Thank you for that information.  Will be parting the bike out at some point, but will keep the front end for awhile.  It always handled like a dream on short and long trips.  

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