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The LBS Overland

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Where is that red roof resort?

Love your photos, keep them coming on what looks like a fantastic trip.

Coast to Coast across Canada sounds like a great adventure ride report presentation at our USCA Rally in Mississippi next summer????

Not many sidecar rigs have made the complete round trip like you.




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Not sure I'll make Mississippi but I Have ben in contact with the Editor or the magazine. I am in the process of typing up my ride report over on ADV Rider. I'll copy and paste some of it here and send it to the Editor.. See if he can make sense of my dribble LOL

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Quote from CCjon on September 16, 2023, 8:22 am

Where is that red roof resort?

That is Three Vally Gap,  a resort between my home town of Salmon Arm and Revelstoke on the Trans Canada Highway.. Been there for as long as I can remember. But grown over the years. LOL 





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Some more pictures from my Cross Canada Trip. The Smoke had moved down from the NWT while I was in Manitoba so not many pictures, and the rain moved in while in Ontario..Ha!  Still I managed to see some more raw Canada that a lot don't venture into. 

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