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Right side Highway Pegs?

To stay alert and safe, I have to be able to move both legs around when on long rides. A highway peg mounted on the left side works there. But because of the struts connecting the sidecar to the bike, have found it almost impossible to mount a highway peg on the right side of the bike.  Several years ago I came across this idea and have made one for every rig I have owned since.

A floorboard mounted low between the bike and the sidecar tub. Have make several floorboards out of  3/4" plywood and others with 1 1/2 by 1 1/2" aluminum angle. Depending on the shape and size of the area to cover and the mount surface of the lower struts. Then add non-skid stair step tape after painting the board.

U - bolts make it easy to attach the boards to round struts.

Can now move my right leg from full extension out front to the back of the board for variety with no worry of accidentally touching ground.

Below are three photos showing three different floorboards from three different rigs.  (Click on the photo to enlarge it)

A Triumph Rocket 3 rig (plywood), a Honda Goldwing rig (plywood) and a BMW R1200 rig (aluminum angle).

So what are you using as a highway peg on the right side of your rig?


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Joe Norris

The Royal Star has highway bars on both sides but the strut is in a crucially difficult spot for me.  It also doesn’t help that the seat is LOW for me and I can’t get my leg up and over the strut.  I’m having the seat raised so hopefully I can get my leg up.  

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  On the Harley with the California car have no problems with the right peg. On Bmw's for me my legs are not long enough to even be able to use them comfortably. The Ural I guess I don't go far enough to worry about it. Usually I'm good to go 4 to 6 hours non stop before I really need to use the highway pegs.

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Claude Stanley sidecar on my 2001 Heritage. The right strut does not interfere with the highway peg on this setup.

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