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Put a side door in my SP2 sidecar.

As our sidecar dogs get older it’s often necessary to modify our rigs to accommodate them. Our 13 yr. old standard poodle has found it majorly difficult to get in and out of my Hannigan SP2 sidecar. After trying a variety of approaches I finally decided on putting a door in the sidecar for easier access. After conferring with Hannigan, Claude, and a number of other resources I finally discovered a young man locally who does auto restorations. We discussed all of the risks and finally arrived at a plan to install the door.  The biggest challenge is to maintain the structural integrity of the fiberglass body. The second was to make it look like it had always been there. We worked out an approach that seemed solid. It took about 6 hours and some very special work and “bingo” it was done. We used hinges and a door latch from West Marine.  I am pleased to say it has worked beautifully. Using a small ramp Daisy is able to walk in and take her place on the seat. When we reach our destination she simply steps off of the seat onto the floor and takes a “guided” walk down the ramp and out. Thanks Brett for doing such great work!

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That's nice. Good job.

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Looks great!! I took a bit of a more simple approach for Petey. He's a Goldendoodle I rescued from the pound in 2012 when he was pushing 2 years old. We're both walking a bit like a couple old guys now. I found a folding step stool for him to get into and out of the Liberty easier. Fortunately, the front of the Spalding lifts so he can just step in and out of it. I prefer to ride the FLH/Liberty rig but we ride the FXD/Spalding mostly for short runs as well. The step stool idea works for both of us and my wife when we get into my old Ford 250 that's been lifted. It came that way when I bought it. I put a piece of light rope on a stool that doesn't fold. Petey gets in, I get in and lift the stool in with the rope. Don't laugh-- it works.

Big eyes from here, but in fact very stylish! 

Jealous in a good way... my daughter doesn't let her 3 dogs go with me.

(Not yet. 😉 )

  Looks like a good job was done. Was there any reinforcement used in the door or body.