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Opportunity to Purchase Road King with Factory Sidecar

I have an opportunity to purchase a low mileage 2003 Road King with a matching factory sidecar. Any thoughts on these type of sidecar rigs is appreciated. I have a 2001 Heritage Softail with a Claude Stanley sidecar and it works great. I am wondering what the good and bad are with the Harley's with the factory sidecar. The only sidecars I've ridden are my current and the sidecar when I took the sidecar training class a few years ago.

HD sidecar has leaf spring on the tub. But it works for most. Not the best sidecar. But as a matching set it has some value. Some find the HD sidecar cool.



No HD expert here by any means but... We picked up an '88 matching factory rig for it's uniqueness factor and the 82 year old owner gave me a deal. My biggest complaint was the lack of a lean adjustment. Was just too much work to keep it going straight. 

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Reardan Tom
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Thank you for the input. I have not heard of problems keeping it going straight. Seems to me there are a lot factors which would cause that.

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 Setup is the key to sidecar. You will likely find on an HD rig it may have been on and off a few times and not installed correctly.

HD sidecar was ok but far from what it could or should be.


2009 was the end of sidecars for HD. They dropped them for good reason.  They do offer a better setup now but it is limited to LEO only.

Parts for older HD are getting harder to find. And the cost have gone up.

Harley is one of the easers one to set up. On set up properly you should have no problem going straight down the road.