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New Guy: Clay in SW WI

So my bride of 32 years spots a Harley+trailer is the local Walmart.  In totally uncharacteristic fashion, she approaches the owner and starts up a conversation. She comes home with the dude's number....but for me! 

"call this guy" she says you will like him.  And BTW....He has a sidecar for sale and, wait for it..."I think you should buy it".

So after picking myself off the floor I rang Duane and made an appointment to view his "barn find" Motorvation Formula II.  I think she has grown tired of passing the half-complete scratch build in the workshop.  Thats her it the pic saying some smart a$$ comment about "so where is it"...wrong side dear!!! just kidding dear...

It's rough and the body was "carved" to create a hinged door.  I like the results, only I wish he would have installed a finer blade on his saws-all, lots of fiberglass strings hanging out. Fine fellow, but that's how it's done "on the farm"

Are there accessories out there? 

Motorvation is closed down correct?  

It has a four-bolt hub and no brakes....cause for pause. Can I go 5 bolt?

Curious if someone can offer specifics on the mount to a GL1200 Aspencade.  Is there a specific mount kit? Will my pictured bits work?

I have yet to acquire the rig.  Thanks for your insights.

Yes I have the yellow book.

50 year rider/wrench.  

Yes I will seek out instruction....Where?



PS:  I own a DMG mount kit for the K75 BMW but I can't bring my self to use that as a tug.  Today, its for sale.  Paid $800 its new, I'll take any rational offer.



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Welcome aboard Clayton,, happy to have you here. glad to hear you were able to get back up off the floor after your wife sprung the deal on you 

looks like the PO did a sort of decent job of making it into a flip nose. looks like it has potential to be a nice car. can't say about converting the hub to 5 lug, I had a FII for years and found the 4 lug to be just fine. first thing I would check is the see if it has the splined torsion arm or still has the square end. looks like the trim is hand controlled, looks like the end is square on it. I say that because mine came with the square end on the torsion rod and it snapped on me one day exiting the highway. I rode mine without brakes for a few years before I ever hooked them up so you can do it but having brakes is better. there are a couple places to get mounts Jay at DMC sidecars has a good selection of bike specific mounts. I will double check but I think I have the mount that goes on the frame of the bike at the radiator for the top front mount. I don't need it so I would be happy to part with it. there are a few here that have either had or have the Motorvation cars so if you need info just ask

another note those u-bolt clamps on that rear mount arm, that is some scary stuff there 



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You might contact Midwest sidecar (712) 253-8898.  They are located in Sibley, IA and Gary Greene [former builder at Motorvation] works there.  They ARE NOT MOTORVATION but they are making some of the same designs.  Good Luck!

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Joe Norris

  Welcome from Wisconsin.