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Motorvation Engineering Sidecar

Anyone know what's happening at Motorvation  Engineering in Sibley, Iowa !

Not returning calls or emails for last several weeks.

Now …… This week no one is answering the phone and the phone answering machining is full.

Very unusually.

They were there last week.  A friend of mine went there to tour the plant and to check into the purchase of a sidecar.  He said they had orders for 40 chairs to be built and delivered.

I just tried to call them and got the same response you did.  I'll do some more checking to see if I can track down what is happening.

Thanks tax man.  I'm still getting no answer.

Robert,  Lucy answered the phone at Motorvation this morning.  She said Mary and Gary had been gone for medical treatment/checkup and vacation respectively.

We need to have a new convertible top made for our Formula II LTD and Lucy is checking into when we can have it done.


I have been waiting over a year for my sidecar. They have my $4000 deposit. They say there are still 11 or 12 ahead of me. Two months ago it was 14. They only built two in two months. I keep getting the excuse that they are having trouble with their fiberglass body supplier.

I am not filled with confidence that I will ever get my sidecar. Not a well run operation to say the least. If I had to do it over I would keep my 4k and look elsewhere.

Non-refundable deposit?

Non-refundable they say. I was told 6 months when I ordered a year ago. Buyer beware if anyone is considering ordering from them.

My dealing with Motorvation Engineering has been quite good, though I agree that the wait for you has been long.  They turn out a fine product and have provided me with good service/repair support.

They need to be honest with potential customers about actual delivery time. I suspect though if they were their orders would decline considerably. Stringing customers along with unrealistic delivery dates is not an honest or ethical way to do business. A lot can happen in a year that could lead to a change in plans. Meanwhile they have my deposit and I am left hanging.

How about small claims court to get your deposit back?