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Merry Christmas


Hi All:

It seems that Santa needs a sidecar to make deliveries this time of year.  This is from the Duluth Trading Company ad.  Enjoy!


Will Short

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SwampFoxThane Lewis

Merry Christmas to all.

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Have you noticed that though we now go everywhere with masks on, you can still recognize if someone is smiling at us. So from behind this face mask, am sending a smiling Merry Christmas greeting to all the USCA family out there, wishing you hacks-full of holiday cheer and friendship. 

Until we can ride and meet again, stay safe, healthy and strong. 

Jan Daub aka CCjon



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Merry Christmas from NW Iowa where it started snowing within the hour.  We are supposed to get about 3" of snow.  We missed getting the heavier snow a while back that blanketed a wide band from SW to NE Iowa.

We wish you a calmer and safer New Year.

We had to travel to N. Minnesota for a funeral and got caught in a blizzard on the way home.  We are still in MN - just barely but it is still over 400 miles to Rapid City.  We are thankful that there is a motel in Ortonville, MN that was open an has a warm and dry place for us.  At one point the visibility was soo0 bad that I ended up in the ditch.  There is this button on the dash that engages the 4wd. We walked out of the ditch and back onto the hiway where we still couldn't see.  All is well.  Merry Christmas anyway.

On another topic - Jan mentioned masks and smiles.  I found a pack of clear shields at Sam's Club and most places accept that - and my smlie is visible.  And those who know me don't have to ask who I am.  That was a problem at the funeral yesterday. 

Will Short

Merry Christmas everyone

Will,, glad to hear you were able to get out of that ditch and find your way to a safe warm place to sit it out


I got my Christmas present a little early this year. I got my new tug. It's an 02. 

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I'll add our wishes, Merry Christmas and a very happy new year as well to all in the USCA!! Here's hoping Covid 19 and all else that 2020 was can fade into the distance in the rear view mirror as we move into the next year. 

Will, glad you're safe and sound, here's hoping you make it the rest of the way home without further incident!! More memories to add to your biography.... And this is for you. A memorable trip but perhaps not too bad after all.

My Christmas Eve

Quote from CCjon on December 23, 2020, 7:29 am

Have you noticed that though we now go everywhere with masks on, you can still recognize if someone is smiling at us....


Yes, I have ... at the grocery store just yesterday morning.

Merry Christmas from Northwest Louisiana

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Lee Summer Grove, LA Ural cT, CJ750, Burgman/Texas Ranger, Zuma 50F, MB5, TW200, CRF250L, GTV300

Thanks to all for for your thoughts in our behalf in view of a very eventful trip home from MN.  When we got up yesterday morning the sun was shining and the wind had subsided. We made the last 400+ miles being able to see the road surface very well.  

We are going to enjoy a Christmas get-together with our daughter-in-law and 3 grandkids. This year is going to be especially saddened by the passing of our son in August but he is in a much better place and though we miss him terribly we know we will see him again someday.  If I hadn't mentioned it before our daughter-in-law's father died in November so she has had a double whammy this year.  There are those moments for all of us that the tears come. Add to all that the funeral we attended in North Minnesota was for a special cousin. We more or less grew up together in the same town. 

In all of this we still have Christmas to celebrate and enjoy.  We are not going to let the tragedies of our lives mess that up.  Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year.


Will Short