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Looking for advice to put a hack on a 2001 Bonneville


Sidecar looks great but Cozy quality control is (as I sorta expected) a little lax. Some bare metal and dimples where holes were drilled after paint, a couple spots that didn't quite get painted all the way.

The axle looks a little dodgy. On one end the nut keeper is a piece of metal that has 4 "wings." Two get crimped over the car bracket, two get crimped over the nut. I'll keep an eye on that and if it starts moving at all drill a hole for a cotter pin. The other end is a castellated nut and pin. The wheel mounts with nylon bushings, so we'll see how they hold up.

Since I have a Bonneville, I bought the Triumph mount kit that Cyclesidecar sells. Kevin said he wasn't quite happy with it and I might have to do some fabrication to get it to work. The truth is that the Triumph kit is two pieces, one that mounts below the oil cooler and one that looks like it might fit on the rear foot peg bracket. Neither of these pieces can take the included Cozy mounting hardware as is, and no other struts or brackets are included, so I'm basically at square one.

Unfortunate because I believed that by buying a Triumph mount kit with the sidecar I would be bolting on and riding in relatively short order. Undaunted because I'm DIY guy and I've always been looking for an excuse to learn how to weld. More updates later, but in months not days.

On most bikes unless they are manufactured to have a sidecar attached to them, work best with some kind of sub frame for the bike, for the lower mounts of the sidecar to attach to. The subframe is normally attached to the bike frame in a couple of places and many will use the motor mount to frames location on the front or bottom of the bike.  If the bike has a center stand that is also a good location to incorporate into the sub frame rear mount.

Do some searching on this and other sites for what others have done in attaching sidecars to bikes and it will give you some ideas.  Have a good welder do the welding, not knocking your learning curve but your life will depend on how well the rig goes together.



Did you say the sidecar wheel has nylon bushings?  Is that in place of ball or roller wheel bearings?  If the axle is a standard sized axle I think I'd be looking for a wheel hub that would permit the use of real wheel bearings.  Nylon bushings may be okay for use in a some light use applications, but for hours of highway riding you may experience nylon melt-down.

Regarding the DIY welding of a subframe, listen to Cycleman.  In another life I used to teach welding, but I have done so little welding in recent decades that I would not trust my life or that of my passenger to the kind of welds I'd make now.  Take steel of about the same thickness as what you'd use in making the subframe, place two pieces of that material together end-to-end and butt weld them together, place the welded piece in a vice to hold it securely with the welded joint exposed just above the jaws of the vice, then take a heavy hammer and try to break the weld by striking the side of the steel above the weld.  If the weld fails before the upper or lower part of the joined piece bends significantly you are not ready to weld your own subframe.