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Leading link for BMW R75/5

I have a '71 R75/5 with a Dnepr sidecar.  Having a great time but now is the time to consider a leading link.  Is there something out there that can "bolt on" without a great deal of difficulty?  Advice or direction greatly appreciated.  The unit was put together by Tom O'Leary in the Belleviile area of Ontario, Canada but it does not appear he is in business anymore.   If someone knows of an installer/wrench in Ontario please let me know.  I checked with Old Vintage Cranks in Acton, Ontario who is a Ural dealer but the boss was not around so will need to try again when I return from vacation.



This should be posted in the technical section on the site.

Old Vintage Cranks we have worked with many times. They know their stuff. Some people have adapted /2 links. We have never made links for the /5 only mounts.

Jay G
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