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How to sleep in a Ural sidecar?

From Saturday January 5th to Sunday "dia de los reyes santos"  I had a change to find out how you can locate your body inside a Ural sidecar. Saturday afternoon at 17:50 ten minutes before the sun switched the light off on a "inspection ride" I broke my final drive of the Ural patrol in the middle of nowhere on a 30+% slope. (half way uphill there is my FD oil and bits of the cardan Ujoint)

During the 4 hours rain you better sit upright with helmet and raingear in the "tub". Keep the tourneau as far up as possible. When the stars came out it became time to place the body a bit different further to the horizontal position...

Yes, it is possible to "lay" yourself into the sidecar!

It is just "a" bit different. I would describe the position more like "Origami" !

Or as friend "Medio Tico" in NC commented. "That way they use to make Sauerkraut!"

Anyway I have now blue and green spots over different parts of my body and feel pretty soar.

Saviour came 20 hours later in form of 2 Missionary friends with their trailer and 4*4. Meanwile: Only 1 vehicle passed by without any rope to get back to a main road.

Have fun this summer!

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Not all adventures are happy ones but even the unhappy adventures are memorable. And all add to the story as we write our books of life. Glad you made it back safe and sound. Good luck with the repairs!!

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom
Quote from Reardan Tom on January 7, 2019, 2:58 pm

Not all adventures are happy ones but even the unhappy adventures are memorable. And all add to the story as we write our books of life. Glad you made it back safe and sound. Good luck with the repairs!!

+1   ... Glad you made it back safe.... Good luck with the repairs!!

Lee Summer Grove, LA R1100GS/CSM Sidecar, Burgman/Texas Ranger, Zuma 50F, MB5, TW200, CRF250L

Life is too good to spend it with a long face....occasions like this make it worth living. Everything is OK as long no tragedy happens. Material loss or soar bones are part of the anecdotes to tell later. These days it is nineteen years ago when I had my clossest call with hospital "meat eater" bacteria.

That alternative road had been opened by the electric company after the "Cinchona earthquake" on January 9th 2009. Left on the other slope there had been the village Cinchona that disappeared in an eyeblink. On the right photo edge behind the ridge 4 miles off the main road is "the Mr. Murphey slope" where I had my 4 hour shower in the tub with frog music all night long.

Spares are on hand, so in the afternoon starts the mechanical fun of this adventure. That was the result of a short inspection ride, to find out if the Ural rig would be able to handle to make that road from top down. There are still half a dozen bad climbs to overcome from the Mr Murphey slope downhill  to the main road.

Best regards from tropical summer.


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hole-y final drive

Sorry Al, I start to doubt that this forum software will get fixed...cannot even find a log in button on the main menue without half an hour searching. Once again had to hassle to even log in. No time left for pussling with photo posting.


You must be willing to read what's on the screen.  If you won't go that far, I can't help you.

If you logged in and checked the "remember me" box, you won't see a login button because you are already logged in.  That's just like the old system.  If you are not logged in, you see a warning bar that advises that you need to be logged in to post.   If your not sure, look at the blue menu bar, there is either a "Login" button or a "Logout" button but not both as that would make you Schrodinger's cat..  We don't ask you to login if you're already logged in.

Photo posting is dead simple and requires THREE fewer steps than the old system.  You no longer need to remember to check a box before posting, the choice to post is right there, below where you are writing.  Under the BIG "Upload Files:" text there is a button that says "Choose File".  Clicking that button invokes your computer's file system and you can navigate to your pictures, click on one, that's it. You may do this up to five times using the very cryptic "Add another file" link but no image may be larger than 1 megabyte.  Then you hit submit, your post and your images will be posted, together.  It's right there in front of you, no need to navigate to another page like the old site.

You may always read regardless of your logged in status.  The software is working just fine on that score and in fact on most other things.  Your support is gratifying.

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

does it get through this time? 3 minutes ago the "insert/edit image" button threw me out.

Day of opening the Pandora box.

Lots of lost teeth.

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ok. the old fashioned way to send a down sized photo via email from iphone to myself seems to be the only way to get decent photos.

Thanks Al, now I am interested, if i will find a login button the next time the forum doesn't let me in.

A small brother of the marble on the road was the one that opened a window for the oil out of the final drive.

The only one to blame, is ME.

Urals seem not to like climbs steeper then 25%. This is my 3rd final drive failure in 42.386km.

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Al, you finally opened my eyes....there is no extra box in the top for to look for the "login" button like in 90+% of other forums, because the "login" button is hidden inside the "MENUE" drop down list. Thank you for the pull on my ear and reminding me to first look before complaining.

Good evening.


Somebody seemed to write a letter in heaven yesterday:


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