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Harold and Doris Short in an Accident

Hello All;

Many of you have met Harold and Doris Short at rallies.  They were the other half of the team that put on the 2015 rally in the Black Hills. They were riding to meet Joan and I for a lunch ride on Friday and someone made a left turn across in form of them with milliseconds to react.  Harold has a badly broken right wrist and is otherwise banged up and sore but doing fairly well considering.  Doris has a broken nose and a very large nasty hematoma on her left arm but us texting us with updates - so she is doing fairly well also.

The rig?  Not so good!  It is totaled!  Troy, their son and I picked it up at the tow yard yesterday.  It runs that is all that I can say.  We are all saddened.  If you don't remember, it was a k100/EML rig so it is not easily replaceable.

Their mailing address is:

Harold and Doris Short

602 Topaz

Rapid City, SD 57701

Wow, Will!! So sorry to read that. I don't know that we've ever met but it sad to read such things whether they're family, friends or friends we've yet to meet. Best wishes to them, and wishes for a speedy recovery!!!

sorry to hear.  hope they recover fast.  I have a K100 EML GTII in peaces if the decide to rebuild.


Praying for speedy recovery of injuries. 

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I remember meeting Harold and Doris for the first time at the Black Hills Rally. Really nice people, the whole family is. Am glad to hear the accident was not more serious. We keep thinking sidecars are safer cause drivers can see us better than two wheels. Guess that is not always the case. 

There is a bright yellow rig for sale on AdvRider. All set up and ready to go......not mine...

Hope they both recover soon and get back on the road.

Sorry to hear of this accident and send wishes for a speedy recovery..

Thanks for all the acknowledgements.  Harold had surgery on his throttle/Braking wrist yesterday.  They put in a plate and screws.  Of course the surgeon thought it went well but Harold was in a lot of pain when when the anesthesia wore off. I have no new news this morning.  Doris is doing well and may go home today.  That is good and bad.  When she leaves she won't get back in.

Our daughters-in-law are taking over the home health care.  Joan insists on being involved too.  It is good to have family around at times like these.

Thanks again for the well-wishes.

Will Short

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Are Harold and Doris both back home and recovering now?


Hi Again All:

We had supper with Harold and Doris last evening.  This is the first time we had seen them since their accident.  They are still stiff and sore and looking pretty banged up both have bruises on their faces. The doctors are saying 2 to 3 months before they will begin to look and feel healed up.

Harold had a concussion so doesn't remember the details of the accident but Doris remembers every detail.  She says Harold hit the brakes and she smelled burned rubber.  I would say that his reaction times are pretty good for a guy of his vintage.  (He turned 81 in the hospital.)  

It has been determined that the other party was completely at fault.  That doesn't take away from the injuries but it makes the other details more tolerable like "Whose insurance pays".  

Thanks for the kind wishes and prayers.



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The only good thing to come out of an accident like this is hearing that both parties are going to be OK....