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Complete 1970's Ural Sidecar - Excellent Shape/No Rust

For sale circa 1970s Ural with spare tire and original ball mounts.   Pictures on request.  I don't know much about these other than this one is complete with a nice spare tire and functional seat.  Tires are serviceable but may be original.   This model has a lift trunk and a cut-a-way entry from the outboard side.    There are no covers or windshield.  The frame is solid and there is no corrosion other than some very light surface rust in the inside floor.   Available for pick up only in Portsmouth, VA.   $1200. Mike 757 676 3376

Still for sale?

Brian, this isn't just meant for you, it's a general reminder.

I know many of you have heard this before but...

Since the USCA doesn't charge for sidecar classified ads [yet], many folks who want to sell a sidecar will come here and make a post.  A LOT OF THEM NEVER COME BACK. If there's a phone number or an email listed use it to contact the seller.  That way you get and answer and you're certain that you've reached them.

1bmwmc has reacted to this post.


Thanks, I get it.

Problem is that he doesn't answer the phone number and the voice message says his voicemail is full. Thus the message asking.

Thanks for trying.  Some folks make it very hard to buy from them.

Brisco - call me 612-759-4666