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YouTube video about USCA and the Colorado rally

Hey there,

just a note that I posted a video about USCA and the upcoming Colorado rally… maybe it will bring some new members and attendance…


Alan (Uraljunkie)

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1bmwmcThane Lewis

Thanks for posting the video.  See you there!


The Emergency and Friendship Directory is private information!  Your video shows the names, locations and phone numbers of quite a few members clearly visible.  Nobody gave you permission to publish their personal information on the internet!

The video is a good idea, but you need to take that video down, then "gray out" the Directory, or re-shoot that section of the vid to protect people's privacy, before you re-post it.


Once the information is out, it is impossible to put toothpaste back in the tube.  The Emergency and Friendship Directory is proprietary information just for USCA members use, not for public distribution.  Exposing personal information is still a touchy subject on the internet.  Though I get spam calls daily from strangers who have my cell phone number and know my name. 

I don't believe it was Alan's intent to distribute the information in the directory, only to let people know of the multiple benefits of joining the USCA. Accident's happen.

I appreciate Alan's efforts to promote the USCA  via his YouTube channel. We need more people who're social media savvy to promote the USCA and sidecars. 

Jan "CCjon" Daub

USCA President


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Thane Lewis