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XS650 Yamaha as a tug???

This past summer I bought a 2003 Velorex 562 sidecar. My first thought was I have an old GL1100 but believe that would be just too much bike so on to #2  I also have a 1980 GN400 Suzuki single  but with it being only 6 volt and kick start only I thing I will pass on that idea  So that leads us to #3  I have found a 1982 XS650 special in good shape that I may purchase and are wondering if anyone has any info to share on that combo. My rides are mostly after supper with the wife and on 2 lane black top country roads or around town. 25-45 miles and then the occasional day trip of 100-200 miles. I have a VW trike for that now but have always though I wanted a sidecar too. Thanks in advance for any and all info. I am a new guy and have lots to learn  Thanks  John

The Yamaha XS650 has been used frequently as a tug in many parts of the world because the price, reliability and availability.



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Here's a link to an forum that is about using an XS650 as a tug.  Good luck with your build.

Later, Bud...