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Why are sidecars so expensive?

Like i get the $1-2000 range if its a nice looking one etc but looking for a frame by itself is damn expensive

I think it‚Äôs rather simple to understand‚ÄĒwhen a product or service is niche and not easily reproducible, then you pay more.

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Not sure they are expensive just because they can mark them up .  Good ones ,well made come at a price. The market is limited so the cost to make each unit is more. Look at how many manufactures have gone away.

Lot of labor goes into making a good sidecar. Labor is expensive.

Each option added to the sidecar is also costly.

My 2017 Twin classic was about $10,000. However $2,000 was paint to match the bike. $700 for ECC I wanted that. Disk brake it quick disconnect added $700.

And more.  In the end the $10,000 was worth it.  That sidecar has just over 70,000 miles on it now. And with care will last many more.

You can purchase a Low cost Velorex  for around $4,000 delivered. But it is bare bones.  You will end up spending money on it to make it better suited for use.  In the end you are better off with a better sidecar like Hannigan or DMC aka Texas sidecar now.


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Jay had a few Spudniks left last I knew and I have no idea what happened to those when he sold out to Texas sidecars. Could be a well built sidecar for a reasonable price. At least that's been my opinion.

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 If you take your time. Educate your self on differences  in sidecars you can find real deals on used ones.

We had a member here that stumbled on a like new 2003 Hannigan Twin classic for $3,000 .  Had Hannigan make the mounts and rode off.

Is seems we are in an economic  low . Toys that have been sitting awhile are showing up on the market. After being list at a high price they come down.

We just had a couple of ones listed here that sold for fair prices.

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$10K is expensive but not unreasonable. $2K is cheap but you get what you pay for. As far as sidecar pricing is concerned.

Anything is expensive if you can't afford it.

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At first I thought I could get in the game relatively cheap. Not inexpensive mind you, just not spending a ton. Of course I live in Canada so that comes with a premium because things are not so relatively available, especially Sidecars.  Nothing seemed expensive by it's self but when yo add it up. Ouch!

So my journey as it adds up and I did shop around but spent where necessary.  All numbers in Canadian dollars. Years ago, I stumbled on a brand new Ural Car and frame, even came with driveshaft. 2500.00 C. After attempting a build of my own shopped bikes that would be more appropriate. Found a 2008 BMW R1200GS, with 40,000 miles on it.  paid 10500.00 C a deal at the time. Shopped and found a BMW rear wheel, 895.00 came with a tire, Beemer Bone yard. Found a BMW rear Caliper, 200.00 C. Ebay. Bought a Trail reducer from Claude Stanley, 1000.00 C and change. Convinced Brock of Side Effects to build a subframe, adapt the Ural Frame to it, build a tilt car suspension and convert the Ural swing Arm to use the BMW wheel and Brakes 6200.00 C. For what I got that was Cheap.  Now I had a rig I could ride. But!  Still needed paint, 500.00 C. Shocks, a tad over 4000.00 C by the time they landed, From The Beemer Shop. Now it looked and handled great but still needed, Luggage that fit, 2000.00 C. A winch, 250.00 C. A Spare tire and wheel Combo, 1000.00  Couldn't find a cheaper one at the time. I now had my ADV rig with only minor mods after. Too many to list.  Have now put 50K miles on this rig and other than the Usual BMW Maintenance, clutch, Driveshaft, Rear Diff, blown shock from hard use, etc. $ ? It has been rock solid. LOL. Of course one gets a yen to make it better, so a couple of years ago I put an LBS Leading Link on it with a Rear wheel conversion. 8000.00 C and change, (+ import fees)  Had a bunch of stuff,  powder Coated etc.  500.00 ? don't remember. Now it is the perfect rig for what I use it for. 

So I won't add it up for you but for the fun I have had over the last bunch of years it has been cheap! But not in-expensive.  Lot of people have built rigs for way  less or built them them selves. It's all what you plan to do with it.  I wanted something I could ride to work every day and take to the Yukon and lots of back country explorations. 

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