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Wanted Sidecar for a 2008 Goldwing

I am looking for a 3rd wheel for my Goldwing: need to be comfy, brake on the wheel and... good looking! Would not mind a California III, Texas Ranger or?


Check pictures of my Hannigan for sale. Just right for wing.

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Quote from J.R. Lewis on December 7, 2023, 2:56 pm

Check pictures of my Hannigan for sale. Just right for wing.

Sorry, I do not understand:

According to your daughter, on the phone repeatedly yesterday:

-I cannot send you a deposit by Paypal… but the $5.00 test I did was credited to your account and debited from mine. Thank you for sending it back.

-I cannot send you a full payment by check or certified bank check as “this is not right” (even if I wait till it is credited to your account to come and pick up the car).

-I should not be buying a sidecar which is 1100 miles from where I live!!!

-Even if I come with the cash in my hands the sidecar may be sold as you have multiple buyers already and it could be sold when I arrive.


Too complicated for me.

Sorry it could no be worked out.

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Big TomFlyingMonkeys

Found a CA FS3, thank you for the help...

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