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TURD&Se 2024 Spring Muster and Eclipse Watch Party April 5-8 2024

Sidecars, Texas and the Eclipse
Where: Teague TX 75838
When: April 5-8 2024
Who: every one that is reading is this post (Region 6 USCA, Texas Ural Riders Division and all sidecar enthusiast) 
What: Fun for everyone an a historical event.
With the last solar eclipse in many of our lives, the Spring Rally will be located in an area that will have more than 3 minutes of totality darkness.
The Rally will be April 5-8 2024the Friday through Monday after the eclipse but we know so will have to leave on the Sunday morning. We want everyone to enjoy the rally and to experience the eclipses. Like our normal rallies you book your own lodging reservation.
There are 5 rooms in the historical hotel that a just beautiful.
The 8th street park has 25 RV sites and we will have tent camping.
Book early as the hotel and camp sites can go quickly with other eclipse watchers.
We will have some games in the park Saturday afternoon and dinner Saturday is not finalized yet. Looking at our traditional potluck dinner.
There will be a small charge for the pavilion rental. TBD.
Remember to purchase your own viewing glasses that are safe for your eyes.
What glasses do you need for an eclipse?
What makes them special is that they reduce sunlight to safe levels so that you don't injure your eyes. Our daytime star shines about a half million times brighter than the full Moon in visible light and emits potentially harmful ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation too. 
More information as we get closure but book now to have your spot
Facebook link to the event
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I can't wait for this one, if you have not witnessed a total eclipse it is a unique experience, thanks Kent et al.

First of April can be a trying time riding over the Rockies but I will make it. already have the route planned and reservations made along the way.


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On the topic of Solar viewing glasses, I have up to 18 sets to provide for those that would like.  For the price of $2 each donated to a local charity of your choice, I will send them via the USPS to you.

These are what I collected from our school's allocation for the 2017 eclipse event over Nebraska and feature excellent graphics promoting a local community and technical college.

PM me your address and how many you would like.

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The New Year has started, Happy New Year to all, and it is now 4 months to the rally so I have a lot of work to get the R III rig ready for the new years riding season. I am looking forward to this one to start the Summer out and to start seeing everyone for another year on the road.


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Proposed Schedule:

Friday 5 April 2024

              Gathering of the bikes, setting up camp and visiting with friends

              Dinner is on your own or you can join us for a ride to Sam’s Restaurant in Fairfield for a great dinner that evening.  They offer a menu and buffet line

Saturday 6 April 2024

              8:00 - Breakfast Ride to Donie First Baptist Church – donation for a small town church

              9:30 – Depart Donie and travel back to Teague to the Sidecar Factory

              10:00-10:30 Grand Opening Celebration (Ribbon Cutting held by the City of Teague Chamber of Commerce)

              11:00 Tour of the Teague Railroad Museum

              12:00 Ride to Fort Parker

              2:00 lunch on your own gathering back in Teague 8th Street Park for sidecar games about 4:00pm

              4:00pm Sidecar Games at the 9th street park

              5:00 – Food trucks, vendors and live music with the City of Teague Residents invited

Sunday 7 April 2024

              Morning time departure for those that are not staying over for the Eclipse

              10:00 Slow each country road ride

              Noonish lunch at the Old Gin in Wortham TX

              Donation dinner BBQ sandwiches with the Champer of Commerce (time and place not set yet)

Monday 8 April 2024

              10:00 Leave the Teague 8th Street Park and ride just 2 miles to the Brooks Washington Park for Eclipse Viewing

                             Open invitation to residents to get rides in sidecars around the park while waiting on the Eclipse start about 12:20pm

              12:20 Eclipse starts (Viewing Glasses provided by City of Teague Chambers of Commerce)


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Lee / Summer Grove, Louisiana: Ural cT, CJ750, Burgman/Texas Ranger, Zuma 50F, MB5, TW200, CRF250L, GTV300

We are close to the rally and we are needing to get a general head count. Would like to see many as can make it. 

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Marty Graves has reserved a lone RV spot (closest to small pavilion) at 8th Ave park Fri-Mon.  ML staying home after rotator cuff surgery a week ago.

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