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TN ride with the rig

We just returned from about a two week ride with the sidecar. It was a blast riding in eastern TN , NC area. Of course we took it up and down the Dragon. And a lot of other twisty roads. 3,000 mile trip in the end. The rig handled great no madder where we took it. The reverse came in handy when we met a Momma bear on a one lane trail road. And I do mean met up close and personal. She stood tall and informed us it was Not visiting day at the zoo. We back away slowly and then once she relaxed we were allowed to take pictures of her and her cubs. just a couple shots of her .




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Quote from smitty901 on June 2, 2019, 5:46 am

...Momma bear ... informed us it was Not visiting day at the zoo....

Great experience .... glad it worked out to mutual benefit.

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Sounds like a great chance to write an article and send photos to Martin for the Sidecarist. I'd love to see it there.... A memorable adventure to share with fellow sidecarists.

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

Don't know how to send them. It was a great ride this year and that Hannigan was great. Total miles on the install is 8,88o miles now.

Wife went nuts with her new camera 800 plus pictures this trip.  This was not a cheap project. But every dime was worth it.

If you can download the pictures from her camera to a computer, you can attach them to email.  Send them with the story to  If possible send full sized images.  Most email programs limit the size of a single transmission so you may need to split them up.

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota