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I need to purchase new tires this year and need something that will last longer than mc tires. My 1990 flhtcu does not have room to goto the dark sie so I have been shopping for sidecar tires.

Do any of you have experience with either the

Avon MKII Safety Mileage 5.00-16 Rear Tire

Shinko 270 5.00-16 Front/Rear Tire

Thanks for any help.

Don't have any experience with either of those two tires, will pass on some advice a URAL dealer gave me. "A cheaper MC tire tends to be made from harder "rubber" and lasts longer".  With our rig we don't need 'sticky' rubber for carving the dragon's tail curves, long lasting hard is good.

In reality it may be that they don't last any longer but at their lower price they don't hurt as much in the wallet.

p.s. I run a Shinko rear tire on the front wheel whenever I can.


No experience with either tire but I have heard pretty good comments on the Avon one you mention.  I'm in the same boat as I run MC tires on my rig and I'm slowly going through the tires that fit my rig to find which one will last the longest. Front's last pretty good, but rears are another story. You might want to do a query on the Adventure site under Hacks.

I tend to agree with the above statement about the cheaper tires.

I had Avon MK11 Safety Mileage on my XS650 outfit. This tire has an almost flat profile like an automobile tire and should last a good while.