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RotoPax gas tank

I've learned over the years to not trust the gas gauge on my bikes and cars. So with my new rig, a 2009 Triumph T100 with a Cozy sidecar, I decided have a spare gas tank with me on long rides. The Triumph light comes up at about 100 miles which is not much and the bike is empty at around 140 miles. With my 2 gallon spare tank, I could get another 80 miles, enough to bring me to a gas station.

Carrying a gas tank in the boat though was not very convenient. In my searches, I discovered RotoPax, a company that specializes in gas and water tanks for the adventurous travelers. I ordered this 2 gallon tank

The next issue was how to fix the tank on the sidecar. I came up with this setup using their Polaris RZR Plate and the standard pack mount.

For me, this was the best setup I could use. It gives me an additional driving range just in case.

Some pics show the setup.


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Roto Pax makes  high quality canisters. I keep one in the "top" storage compartment of my MG as it has no fuel gauge. My office manager keeps one in the trunk of one of her sidecars. We also being a dealer for the product install a lot of these on the sidecar rigs we build. We usually go with either one gallon, stack two gallon or use the 1.75 gallon as the 2 gallon does not fit well on the sides of sidecars, just to big.

Jay G
DMC sidecars


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You know Jay I used the 2gal. with Harley &Texes sidecar but I built a heavy angle iron frame between wheel & box. For more bales for the rig.  But the tank saved many times in Mt., Wy. a long way some time between station.  I’ve got a 1 gal on the off  luggecase, gives me about 35 mile with Triumph & tug. Rudyr

Just an FYI: I have my cozy mounted to a Sportster. I like the idea about the Roto Pac but I already use my rack for all my camping gear on my Cozy. I ended up getting a "DrySpec Bottle Mount Kit" from Twisted Throttle the uses an MSR fuel bottle. I saw one mounted on a GS at a Horizons Unlimited motorcycle rally. I bought two of them and mounted them on the Cozy. They don't hold as much as the Roto Pacs, but so far it's been enough to get me to a gas station when I'm running out of gas. Here's a link just in case some of my fellow sidecarist's might be interested:

That would give me about 10 miles extra per 30 oz. bottle. My rig does about 40 miles to the gallon. With 2 bottles, it might be enough if you're close to civilization. Some places I travel in the Everglades are 50+ miles apart on the back roads in the sugar cane and citrus fields. But it's a good idea when space is lacking. Thanks for the link.