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Picking up another rig this weekend.

Heading out to Iowa to pick up a complete rig and riding it back to Florida.  Gotta watch the weather.  Was planning  head straight back to Florida but it will all depend on the weather.  Might go North to Wisconsin for a few days to wait for a window.

Congrats on the new rig, have a safe ride back. Are you adding to the stable or replacing something

didn't you just sell a set up recently

I feel your pain, Bentley.  We went from central NE to WV beginning Tuesday and returned home Saturday.  In the interim, it rained a little every day and POURED two of them.

To cap it off, we crossed back into Nebraska on IA 2/NE 2 during the last couple of hours that it was still open.  Whew!  Then it started REALLY raining in the heartland!

Congrats on getting your rig and here's to a non-adventure on the way home!

Made it back.  Rain, lightning, rain, lightning, rain, rain, rain.  Man, Iowa and Illinois should be renamed the wet states.