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New trailer, really makes towing the rig easier

We just picked up our new Ultimate Trailer while we were in Colorado at the rally. It is a flatbed that lowers to the ground to load the rig then with the flip of a switch raises to towing height. I can usually just push my rig off the trailer when it is lowered. Our trailer was designed originally to haul a Slingshot so it has plenty of lift to haul the rig. I am only passing this along because many of us are looking for easier ways to trailer a rig if we have to. While I much prefer to ride, that’s not always possible,  Chris, the builder of these trailers is currently working on a prototype designed for sidecars. They are increasingly getting requests for this type of trailer.  We discussed several issues faced in trailering sidecars. Most notable width. He has been gathering data from some other sidecar owners in the Denver area. Just posting this as an FYI for anyone who needs or wants this type of trailer. Ride safe!

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Chuck, that looks like a smart solution, lets us know the long distance opinion of hie it trailers and durability.



Hi CC. It was great to see you at the Rally in Hotchiss.  This trailer travels very smoothly. It is easy to load and unload. This is actually our 2nd one. We used the first for a long time and sold it to a slingshot owner when we decided to start transporting both my rig and my wife’s trike. Just didn’t feel comfortable with that much weight on 1 axle. The durability was great then and I would expect the same from this one. It trailed very smoothly from Denver to OH. Easy to get in and out of gas stations because of the length. I’ll keep you posted. Ride safe and enjoy!

Here's a link to the website --


Nice website.  Pricing and options clearly shown.

That trailer clearly is the Cat's Meow....LOL

Is it the OHT4?

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Yes, it’s the size that gives us room for the rig and other things we like to carry like canopy and chairs. Anxious to see what Chris comes up with specifically for sidecars.