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New to sidecars

Hello, I have just finished my first sidecar rig. I will have held a license to operate a motorcycle for 50 years next month. I have owned or ridden about everything imaginable both on and off road, but never 3 wheels. I bought this 98 Electra Glide Classic last January with 23k on it for the purpose if attaching a sidecar to it. It took almost 10 months and more $$$$ than I will admit to my wife, but I couldn’t be happier with the result. I had a new triple tree installed along with a steering damper and oil cooler. The paint was color matched to the bike as well. I have put 500 miles on it in 2 weeks, I have nothing to compare it to, but it handles wonderful. I have driven at speeds up to 85 mph without issue. 60 to 65 mph seems to be the sweet spot, very light pressure needed on the handlebars to maintain lane which I attribute to the crown of the road. 

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Welcome to the offset world of sidecars, that is a beautiful rig you have put together there, glad to hear your first build has gone so well and you are enjoying it

what part of the world do you preside in. 

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Welcome Will, congratulations on a good looking HD rig.

Ride it to the national rally next July in Iowa.



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Thank you, we moved to the west coast of Florida about an hour north of Crystal River from North Georgia earlier this year. We are planning to attend the Rally in the Smokies in April so we will see how that goes, I usually take 1 or 2 long rides a year so Iowa isn’t out of the question. I did keep a couple of 2 wheelers in the garage since I only plan on taking the sidecar off for maintenance. I also had a brake installed on the sidecar, that and the triple trees I believe have made a world of difference in handling. I was prepared for the worst after watching YouTube videos for a year so I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

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       Welcome . Sharp looking rig.

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Will Cobb

 Starting to train our Malamute to ride in the sidecar. She loves anything that moves and is not bothered by engine noise and I kept the exhaust stock so the bike is quiet. Keeping her in the rig will be the challenge, I have a 4 point system that I think will work well. With a  stubborn 95 lb dog you never know.

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Will, can you remove the seat so she sits a lower and has a bit more room?

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Yes, when I remove the seat and put a thin pad in it’s place she will be lowered about 6 to 8 inches. I can also remove the windshield which will give her more room front and back. We will be under 30 mph for time being. She does well even in small aircraft so I think she will do okay, containing her excitement is the challenge.

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