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New Rider

Hi, Montana Walt here.

Well, I did it! I'm now the owner of a 2015 Indian Chief Vintage with a Motorvation sidecar.

I want to thank all of you that responded to my original post and all the advice and suggestions that were given.

I ended up trailering it home (thank God, because on the way home I encountered 40-50 mph winds and and the second day it snowed going through South Dakota!).

I rode it in the pasture a few times and then ventured out on some backroads here in Montana. Taking it slow and learning fast. Look forward to enjoying my new means of motorcycling and perhaps meeting up with some of you.

Thanks again.

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Mike DonohueJeffer

Those Indian/Spyder combos are beautiful rigs.  I don't know how the Indian is for long-distance riding, but I'd think it should be pretty comfy.

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Reardan Tom

Congratulations Walt!! Let the adventures begin... and here's to miles of smiles!!

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

       Carry extra gas with the Indian and a sidecar you may find you need it. Enjoy the ride . Stay in touch.

Walt, does your sidecar have a built in gas tank?  My Formula II LTD has a 9-gallon tank with an electric fuel pump behind the seat.  It gives me a range of about 280-300 miles between fills.


It is a beautiful rig and the Indian is very comfy. No it does not have a fuel tank, but Im tracking 32mpg!


You're right about that, I've got a BIG smile (although not too many miles, Yet!)


I haven't yet decided if I'm going to carry a gas can, but thanks for the tip. I usually like to stop every couple hours anyway to let my passenger (Bandit) out for a run.

Hope to meet you guys on the road some day.


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Reardan Tomsmitty901Jeffer

 Enjoy the ride. I already know Bandit does.

I received a reply from "Will from Rapid City, S.D," when the forum discussion popped up on my phone. I'm not very good navigating on these things, but thanks for the advice Will.