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Member having trouble logging on.

I received the following email from Billie Leonard. Any ideas how to help?

Hi Tom..I can’t log in to the sidecar site . Each time I try, it says I have been blocked. It is a message emphasized in red. I don’t know why I am blocked. I  don’t know how to  contact them to find out why.

Tom,  both you and Billie know how to contact us.  I don't know why she is getting the message but WE HAVE NOT BLOCKED HER.

This message has appeared for one other user and I was able to delete his user name and reregister him.  If Billie wants me to do this, she should let me know because I don't want to be accused of deleting a user without permission.

As I have said several times, I have worked on this site for fifteen years and I would be happy to turn it over to anyone that the Board would approve.

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

I'm sure you would Al. I commend you for preservering.... (And I know I misspelled that but spellcheck is not offering me the correct spelling. As long as it's understood what I'm trying to say, that's good enough.) I recently stepped down from some of the positions I held. I'm no longer editor of a club newsletter, I'm no longer on the Mule Days planning committee. So far I haven't stepped back from being WA rep for USCA but if someone wanted the job they're certainly welcome to it. I'm certainly thankful Martin hasn't given up his editor position.

I passed your thoughts on to Billie.