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How to Display Pics "in-line" in Your New Post

OK, so you're putting together a new post and you want to have some pics appear IN BETWEEN different paragraphs.  Not all the way at the bottom of the post.  But in the middle.  How do you do that?

[Note: these instructions are for computer users.  I have no idea if they will work on a smartphone.]



If the pic is already posted online somewhere, you can (1) copy the URL (the internet address) of the pic, then (2) click in your post where you want that pic to appear, then (3) click on the <Insert/Edit Image> button on the toolbar, then (4) paste the URL of the pic into the box that says <Source>, then (5) click <OK>. 

Note that you must copy the URL of the pic, not the website where the pic appears.  If you're not sure how to do that, here's two techniques-- (1) right click on the pic then choose "Copy Image Address" or "Copy Image Link" or whatever similar option your browser offers; or (2) right click on the pic then choose to open the image in a new tab or new window.  Go to the new tab or new window and copy the URL from the address bar at the top of that page.

Advanced User Tip -- when you click <Insert/Edit Image> and paste the URL into the <Source> box, you'll notice there's another box that says <Constrain Proportions>.  If you check that box, you can then choose to limit how big your pic will appear in the post.  I'll do this sometimes if I'm posting a pic that doesn't need to be big.  I can easily shrink it down to 300 pixels wide, or 600 pixels, or whatever.  If you un-check that box,  your pic will appear on the forum with its original dimensions shrunk down to fit the user's browser window--in other words, full-size.

This picture posting technique works only if the pic's website allows hotlinking.  Some websites don't.  If they don't, then the pic you're trying to use simply won't appear.  The workaround is to download the pic from the internet and save it to your computer, then follow the instructions below.



I hope you already know how to "attach" pics from your computer but here's a quick refresher.  At the bottom of the post you're working on, click on <Upload Files: Choose Files> then you choose the pic from your computer that you want to upload, and repeat this process for all your pics.  Those pics will then appear as "thumbnails" in the order you uploaded them at the bottom of your post.

But how do you move them up to appear in the middle of the post?  Well, first, (1) you have to upload them as described above. Then (2) go ahead and submit your post so that it appears on the forum. Then (3) click the <Edit> command at the top of the post. Then (4) scroll down to the bottom of the post where the list of your pics appear.  Guess what?  Each of those pics have been given a URL!  Just right click on the pic's name, copy the URL, then insert the pic into your post using ONLINE PICS instructions from above.  Eazy-peazy!  (Well, OK, not eazy-peazy, but at least now you know how to do it.)  Your pics will display where you want them in the post, and thumbnails of each pic will also still appear down at the bottom of your post.


If any of these instructions don't work, or you know a better way, please post up your tips and pointers!

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