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Happy Birthday Al Olme

Happy birthday Al. It's also my youngest brother's birthday and would have been Dad's 103rd. Hope you have a fine day.

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

Happy Birthday Al!!!


Will Short

Big B- Day Al, enjoy it 

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!  That said, this is a bad trend to start...can you imagine all the traffic?

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

Not necessarily birthday wishes but it would be good to see more traffic on this site.... Sidecar related traffic.

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

Tom,  I'm looking for some one to take Al's  place running this webpage.  For now it's just me.

Dave: president, web, bottle-washer, birdwatcher, grandpa, whatever's needed.

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Reardan Tom

You're a good man Dave!! There are times I'd be happy for you to also be the WA rep.... 🙂 Of course that's the easiest position there is but it seems like lately I have a tendency to drop away from all clubs I'm involved with. Might be age, might be covid 19 weariness.  Kudos to all who do all they do for this club. I'll continue as chief party pooper. Although on the other hand, I'm Dad, Grandpa and Great Grandpa. Those positions I'm not going to woos out on.

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

Happy Birthday, Al. I hope you have a great day and maybe go for a ride?



Hi Doyne!  What's it like to be a dealer these days?  Our local guys are still open for the most part but from what they are saying, sales are way down both in bikes and service.  Parts sales are up in general.  It seems that a lot of folks are tackling their own maintenance.  The only bikes that are selling are units that are close on their floor plan dates so they are being offered at deep discounts.



Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota